Neurostereology: Unbiased Stereology of Neural Systems

Neurostereology: Unbiased Stereology of Neural Systems

Editor(s): Peter R. Mouton

Published Online: 22 NOV 2013 09:47PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118444214

Online ISBN: 9781118444177

DOI: 10.1002/9781118444177

About this Book

Stereological methods provide researchers with unparalleled quantitative data from tissue samples and allow for well-evidenced research advances in a broad range of scientific fields. Presenting a concise introduction to the methodology and application of stereological research in neuroscience, Neurostereology  provides a fuller understanding of the use of these methods in research and a means for replicating successful scientific approaches. Providing sound footing for future research, Neurostereology is a useful tool for basic and clinical researchers and advanced students looking to integrate these methods into their research.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 6

      An Overabundance of Prefrontal Cortex Neurons Underlies Early Brain Overgrowth in Autism (pages 73–83)

      Eric Courchesne, Peter R. Mouton, Michael E. Calhoun, Clelia Ahrens-Barbeau, Melodie J. Hallet, Cynthia Carter Barnes, Karen Pierce and Katarina Semendeferi

    3. Chapter 12

      Blood Flow Analysis in Epilepsy Using a Novel Stereological Approach (pages 153–175)

      Rocio Leal-Campanario, Luis Alarcon-Martinez, Susana Martinez-Conde, Michael Calhoun and Stephen Macknik

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