Visual Data Mining: The VisMiner Approach

Visual Data Mining: The VisMiner Approach

Author(s): Russell K. Anderson

Published Online: 15 OCT 2012 10:47PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781119967545

Online ISBN: 9781118444818

DOI: 10.1002/9781118444818

About this Book


A visual approach to data mining. 

Data mining has been defined as the search for useful and previously unknown patterns in large datasets, yet when faced with the task of mining a large dataset, it is not always obvious where to start and how to proceed. 

This book introduces a visual methodology for data mining demonstrating the application of methodology along with a sequence of exercises using VisMiner. VisMiner has been developed by the author and provides a powerful visual data mining tool enabling the reader to see the data that they are working on and to visually evaluate the models created from the data. 

Key features:

  • Presents visual support for all phases of data mining including dataset preparation.
  • Provides a comprehensive set of non-trivial datasets and problems with accompanying software.
  • Features 3-D visualizations of multi-dimensional datasets.
  • Gives support for spatial data analysis with GIS like features.
  • Describes data mining algorithms with guidance on when and how to use.
  • Accompanied by VisMiner, a visual software tool for data mining, developed specifically to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Visual Data Mining: The VisMiner Approach is designed as a hands-on work book to introduce the methodologies to students in data mining, advanced statistics, and business intelligence courses. This book provides a set of tutorials, exercises, and case studies that support students in learning data mining processes.

In praise of the VisMiner approach: 

"What we discovered among students was that the visualization concepts and tools brought the analysis alive in a way that was broadly understood and could be used to make sound decisions with greater certainty about the outcomes"-Dr. James V. Hansen, J. Owen Cherrington Professor, Marriott School, Brigham Young University, USA

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