Molten Salts Chemistry and Technology

Molten Salts Chemistry and Technology

Editor(s): Marcelle Gaune-Escard, Geir Martin Haarberg

Published Online: 11 MAY 2014 09:13PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118448731

Online ISBN: 9781118448847

DOI: 10.1002/9781118448847

About this Book

Both high temperature molten salts and room temperature ionic liquids (collectively termed liquid salts) have unique properties, including good heat capacity, good electrical conductivity and, in some cases, chemical catalytic properties. They are critical for the efficient production and processing of many different materials, for example the electrolytic extraction and refining of aluminium and silicon, particularly important in the post fossil fuel era. Other industrial applications range from solvents and fuel cells to alloy heat treatments and pyroprocessing in nuclear fuel. 

With a focus on sustainable processes for the production and processing of materials, this book contains over 60 chapters and is organized into seven areas: 

  • Aluminium Electrolysis
  • New Processes for Electrowinning
  • Modeling and Thermodynamics
  • High Temperature Experimental Techniques
  • Electrochemistry in Ionic Liquids
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Energy Technology

Intended to provide a solid understanding of the properties, experimental methods, theoretical methods and applications of these materials, Molten Salts: Chemistry and Technology is an unrivalled reference for chemists, engineers and materials scientists in academia, research and industry.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Aluminium Electrolysis

  2. Part 2: New Processes for Electrowinning

  3. Part 3: Modeling and Thermodynamics

    1. Chapter 3.3

      Different Phases of Fluorido-Tantalates (pages 163–170)

      M. Boča, B. Kubíková, F. Šimko, M. Gembický, J. Moncol and K. Jomová

    2. Chapter 3.7

      Molecular and Ionic Species in Vapor over Molten Ytterbium Bromides (pages 203–211)

      M. F. Butman, D. N. Sergeev, V. B. Motalov, L. S. Kudin, L. Rycerz and M. Gaune-Escard

  4. Part 4: High-Temperature Experimental Techniques

    1. Chapter 4.1

      In Situ Experimental Approach of Speciation in Molten Fluorides: A Combination of NMR, EXAFS, and Molecular Dynamics (pages 219–228)

      C. Bessada, O. Pauvert, L. Maksoud, D. Zanghi, V. Sarou-Kanian, M. Gobet, A. L. Rollet, A. Rakhmatullin, M. Salanne, C. Simon, D. Thiaudiere and H. Matsuura

    2. Chapter 4.2

      NMR Study of Melts in the System Na3AlF6-Al2O3-AlPO4 (pages 229–233)

      A. Rakhmatullin, M. Keppert, G. M. Haarberg, F. Šimko and C. Bessada

    3. Chapter 4.4

      Speciation of Niobium in Chloride Melts: An Electronic Absorption Spectroscopic Study (pages 243–255)

      I. B. Polovov, N. P. Brevnova, V. A. Volkovich, M. V. Chernyshov, B. D. Vasin and O. I. Rebrin

    4. Chapter 4.5

      Electrode Processes in Vanadium-Containing Chloride Melts (pages 257–281)

      I. B. Polovov, M. E. Tray, M. V. Chernyshov, V. A. Volkovich, B. D. Vasin and O. I. Rebrin

  5. Part 5: Electrochemistry in Ionic Liquids

  6. Part 6: Nuclear Energy

    1. Chapter 6.6

      Pulsed Neutron Diffraction Study of Molten CsCl-NaCl-YCl3: Approaches from Fundamentals to Pyrochemical Reprocessing (pages 449–458)

      Y. Iwadate, T. Ohkubo, T. Michii, H. Matsuura, A. Kajinami, K. Takase, N. Ohtori, N. Umesaki, R. Fujita, K. Mizuguchi, H. Kofuji, M. Myochin, M. Misawa, K. Itoh and T. Fukunaga

    2. Chapter 6.10

      Formation of Rare Earth Phosphates in NaCl-2CsCl-Based Melts (pages 481–488)

      V. A. Volkovich, A. B. Ivanov, S. M. Yakimov, I. B. Polovov, B. D. Vasin, A. V. Chukin, A. K. Schtolts and T. R. Griffiths

    3. Chapter 6.12

      Electrochemical Measurement of Diffusion Coefficient of U in Liquid Cd (pages 499–505)

      T. Murakami, M. Kurata, Y. Sakamura, T. Koyama, N. Akiyama, S. Kitawaki, A. Nakayoshi and M. Fukushima

    4. Chapter 6.13

      Reduction of Uranyl(VI) Species in Alkali Chloride Melts (pages 507–520)

      V. A. Volkovich, D. E. Aleksandrov, D. S. Maltsev, B. D. Vasin, I. B. Polovov and T. R. Griffiths

  7. Part 7: Energy Technology

    1. Chapter 7.4

      Rechargeable Alkaline Metal Batteries of Amide Salt Electrolytes Melting at Low to Middle Temperatures (pages 555–561)

      R. Hagiwara, T. Nohira, K. Numata, T. Koketsu, T. Yamamoto, T. Fujimori, T. Ishibashi, A. Fukunaga, S. Sakai, K. Nitta and S. Inazawa

    2. Chapter 7.8

      Using Molten Fluoride Melts for Silicon Electrorefining (pages 581–595)

      P. Taxil, L. Massot, A.L. Bieber, M. Gibilaro, L. Cassayre and P. Chamelot

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