15th International Conference on Environmental Degradation of Materials in Nuclear Power Systems-Water Reactors

15th International Conference on Environmental Degradation of Materials in Nuclear Power Systems-Water Reactors

Editor(s): Jeremy T. Busby, Gabriel Ilevbare, Peter L. Andresen

Published Online: 26 JUN 2012 10:55AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118132418

Online ISBN: 9781118456835

DOI: 10.1002/9781118456835

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    2. Effect of Hot Cracks on EAC Crack Initiation and Growth in Nickel-Base Alloy Weld Metals (pages 197–222)

      Hannu Hänninen, Aki Toivonen, Anssi Brederholm, Tapio Saukkonen, Wade Karlsen, Ulla Ehrnsten and Pertti Aaltonen

    3. Predicting Chromium Depletion of Nickel Base Alloys (pages 343–354)

      Youfa Yin, Feng Zhu, Roy Faulkner, Ed Miller, Paul Moreton, Ian Armson and Bryan Borradaile

    4. Microstructure and SCC of Alloy X-750 (pages 719–740)

      Peter L. Andresen, Juan Flores-Preciado, Martin M. Morra and Robert Carter

    5. SCC Properties of Modified Alloy 718 in BWR Plant (pages 763–776)

      Yoshinori Katayama, Motoji Tsubota, Yoshiaki Saito, Norihiko Tanaka and Shigeaki Tanaka

    6. The Effect of Temperature on the Crack Growth Rate of Stainless Steel and NI-Alloys in Simulated BWR Environment (pages 827–838)

      Johan Stjärnsäter, Anders Jenssen, Christer Jansson, Karen Gott, Björn Forssgren, Bengt Bengtsson and Hannah Johansson

    7. Stress Corrosion Cracking Behavior of Type 304 Stainless Steel Irradiated under Different Neutron Dose Rates at JMTR (pages 1203–1216)

      Yoshiyuki Kaji, Keietsu Kondo, Yoshiteru Aoyagi, Yoshiaki Kato, Taketoshi Taguchi, Fumiki Takada, Junichi Nakano, Hirokazu Ugachi, Takashi Tsukada, Kenichi Takakura and Hiroshi Sakamoto

    8. Irradiation Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking of Stainless Steels in a PWR Environment (A Combined Approach) (pages 1293–1307)

      Morgane Le Millier, Olivier Calonne, Jérôme Crépin, Cecilie Duhamel, Fabrice Gaslain, Eva Heripre, Ovidiu Toader and Yoann Vidalenc

    9. The Role of Lattice Curvature on the SCC Susceptibility of Alloy 600 (pages 1731–1743)

      Fabien Láonard, Fabio Di Gioacchino, Robert A. Cottis, Francois Vaillant, Joao Quinta Da Fonseca, Florence Carrette and Gabriel Ilevbare

    10. The Study of Stress Corrosion Cracking on Alloy 600 C-Ring Samples by Polychromatic X-Ray Microdiffraction (pages 1773–1782)

      Jing Chao, Marina L. Suominen Fuller, N. Stewart McIntyre, Anatolie G. Carcea, Roger C. Newman, Martin Kunz and Nobumichi Tamura

    11. Laboratory Stress Corrosion Cracking Propagation in a Superficial Cold-Worked Layer in SG Divider Plates in Alloy 600 (pages 2151–2170)

      François Vaillant, Cácile Leseigneur, Patrick Le-Delliou, Thierry Couvant, Salem Miloudi, Yannick Thábault, Damien Deforge and Emmanuel Lemaire

    12. PWSCC of Thermocoax Pressurizer Heaters in Austenitic Stainless Steel and Remedial Actions to Preventing SCC (pages 2219–2230)

      Y. Thebault, P. Moulart, K. Dubourgnoux, J. Champredonde, T. Couvant, Y. Neau, J-M. Fageon, D. Lecharpentier, A. Breuil and V. Derouet

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