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Published Online: 10 JAN 2014 09:59PM EST

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Online ISBN: 9781118456989

DOI: 10.1002/9781118456989

About this Book

Epilepsy is common but complex

Epilepsy is a complicated neurological condition with variable manifestations, numerous etiologies, and a diverse range of treatments. It is a chronic disease that, in many cases, can be controlled. However, treatment requires accurate clinical evaluation to allow intelligent treatment choices. 

Epilepsy has been designed to help you develop these evaluation skills. Expert neurologists have distilled the evidence and combined their experience. They provide practical guidance to: 

  • The causes and classification of epilepsy
  • Working up seizures
  • Antiepileptic medications
  • Pediatric epilepsy
  • Adult epilepsy
  • Emergency epilepsy
  • Comorbidity and mortality of epilepsy

Clinical in approach, practical in execution, Epilepsy is packed with tricks, tips, and focused advice to help you better manage your patients' seizures.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Epilepsy Basics

  2. Part II: Working Up Seizures and Epilepsy

  3. Part III: Using Antiepileptic Medications

  4. Part IV: Special Topics in Pediatric Epilepsy

    1. Chapter 22

      Epilepsy (pages 159–166)

      Heather E. Olson and Annapurna Poduri

  5. Part V: Special Topics in Adult Epilepsy

  6. Part VI: What Can Be Done When Medication Doesn't Work?

  7. Part VII: How Are Acute Seizures and Status Epilepticus Evaluated and Treated in the Emergency Department and The Hospital?

  8. Part VIII: The Morbidity and Mortality of Epilepsy

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