The Encyclopedia of Political Thought

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DOI: 10.1002/9781118474396

About this Book

Unrivaled in scope and scholarly rigor, the Encyclopedia examines the history of political thought, contemporary political theory, and political philosophy. The entries range in size from shorter definitions and biographies to extended treatments of major topics and traditions. Tracing the evolution of political thinking from antiquity to the present, the scope of this unprecedented resource emphasizes the richness and diversity of the field’s traditions.

  • Offers over 900 A-Z entries including shorter definitions and biographies as well as extended treatments of major topics from over 700 contributors from around the world.
  • Examines the history of political thought from antiquity to contemporary political theory and political philosophy
  • Reflects diverse traditions in the evolution of political theory and political science
  • Addresses the theorists, their key theories and methods from within the western canon as well as from non-western perspectives
  • Available as an online platform or as an eight volume print set
  • Published in association with The Foundations of Political Theory, an organized section of the American Political Science Association

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The Encyclopedia of Political Thought is also available as an eight-volume print set.

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Classical Political Economy
Critical Theory
Douglass, Frederick (1818–95)
Enlightenment, The
Fanon, Frantz (1925–61)
Formal Political Theory
Foundations of Political Thought
Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich (1770–1831)
Keynes, John Maynard (1883–1946)
Mill, John Stuart (1806–73)
Strauss, Leo (1899–1973)
Tragedy and Politics