Public Key Cryptography: Applications and Attacks

Public Key Cryptography: Applications and Attacks

Author(s): Lynn Margaret Batten

Published Online: 21 FEB 2013 07:53AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118317129

Online ISBN: 9781118482261

DOI: 10.1002/9781118482261

Series Editor(s): Stamatios Kartalopoulos

About this Book

This book covers public-key cryptography, describing in depth all major public-key cryptosystems in current use, including ElGamal, RSA, Elliptic Curve, and digital signature schemes. It explains the underlying mathematics needed to build these schemes, and examines the most common techniques used in attacking them. Illustrated with many examples, the book provides a solid foundation for professionals in government, cloud service providers, and large enterprises using public-key systems to secure their data. It is also useful for those taking the CISSP exam (Certified Information Systems Security Professional).

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