Clinical Care Conundrums: Challenging Diagnoses in Hospital Medicine

Clinical Care Conundrums: Challenging Diagnoses in Hospital Medicine

Editor(s): James C. Pile, Thomas E. Baudendistel, Brian J. Harte

Published Online: 21 MAR 2013 08:27AM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470905654

Online ISBN: 9781118483206

DOI: 10.1002/9781118483206

Series Editor(s): Scott A. Flanders, Sanjay Saint

About this Book

Introducing the first evidence-based casebook for hospital clinicians

This book introduces illustrated, evidence-based clinical cases drawn from real-world hospital practice. Geared to the needs of hospital clinicians, Clinical Care Conundrums: Challenging Diagnoses in Hospital Medicine focuses on sharpening clinical reasoning and diagnostic skills, giving readers the tools to recognize and diagnose a wide array of diseases, while promoting diagnostic safety in hospital medicine.

Written by leading experts on the topics under discussion, this volume offers a hand-picked collection of case studies from the widely popular Clinical Care Conundrum (CCC) series found in the Journal of Hospital Medicine. Each chapter presents a case to an expert clinician, who explains his or her approach to diagnosing challenging medical dilemmas. Each chapter concludes with a concise review of recent literature and, if applicable, with discussions of cognitive errors that may impact clinical diagnosis and patient care. Readers will find:

  • An appealing presentation style that combines high-quality images and text
  • Coverage of both common conditions and uncommon but important diseases encountered in the hospital setting
  • A look at the state of the art of clinical reasoning, an area of critical interest to clinicians
  • Practical "pearls" for each case study that readers can apply in their own practice

Clinical Care Conundrums is an indispensable reference for hospitalists, hospital-based physicians and midlevel providers, physicians-in-training, and the many other medical practitioners who come up against difficult cases on a daily basis.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 3

      Cracking the Case (pages 19–25)

      Jennei Wei, Patrick P. Kneeland and Gurpreet Dhaliwal

    3. Chapter 4

      A Midlife Crisis (pages 27–33)

      Jennifer R. Lukela, Rajesh S. Mangrulkar, Lawrence M. Tierney, John Del Valle and Sanjay Saint

    4. Chapter 5

      Fishing for a Diagnosis (pages 35–42)

      Colin R. Cooke, John V. L. Sheffield and Jan V. Hirschmann

    5. Chapter 6

      A Rash Decision (pages 43–49)

      Brian J. Harte, Gurpreet Dhaliwal, Wendy Armstrong and James C. Pile

    6. Chapter 7

      One Hundred Years Later (pages 51–57)

      Thomas E. Baudendistel, Nima Afshar and Lawrence M. Tierney

    7. Chapter 8

      The Third Time's the Charm (pages 59–67)

      Sara Mekuria, Esteban Cheng Ching, S. A. Josephson, Jinny Tavee and Brian J. Harte

    8. Chapter 9

      A Frayed Knot (pages 69–76)

      Thomas E. Baudendistel, Irena L. Ilic and Harry Hollander

    9. Chapter 10

      Better Late than Never (pages 77–85)

      Anuradha Ramaswamy, Maytee Boonyapredee, Ramakrishnan Ranganath, Brian J. Harte and James C. Pile

    10. Chapter 11

      Thinking Inside the Box (pages 87–93)

      Damon M. Kwan, Gurpreet Dhaliwal and Thomas E. Baudendistel

    11. Chapter 12

      Are we there Yet? (pages 95–104)

      Lisa H. Williams, Gregory J. Raugi, Gurpreet Dhaliwal, Sanjay Saint and Benjamin A. Lipsky

    12. Chapter 13

      A Distinguishing Feature (pages 105–112)

      Sanjiv J. Shah, Aubrey O. Ingraham, Sandra Y. Chung and Richard J. Haber

    13. Chapter 14

      Consequences of Missed Opportunities (pages 113–119)

      Julia C. Dombrowski, Helen Kao, Natasha Renda and R. J. Kohlwes

    14. Chapter 15

      In Sight but out of Mind (pages 121–126)

      Letizia Attala, Adam Tremblay, Giampaolo Corti, Sanjay Saint and Alessandro Bartoloni

    15. Chapter 16

      A Change of Heart (pages 127–135)

      Jonathan P. Piccini, Adrian F. Hernandez, Louis R. Dibernardo, Joseph G. Rogers and Gurpreet Dhaliwal

    16. Chapter 18

      A Pain in the Bone (pages 143–151)

      John Fani Srour, Julia Braza and Gerald W. Smetana

    17. Chapter 19

      A Diagnosis of Exclusion (pages 153–159)

      Iris O. Yung, Thomas E. Baudendistel and Gurpreet Dhaliwal

    18. Chapter 21

      Caught in the Web: E-Diagnosis (pages 169–175)

      Yasuharu Tokuda, Makoto Aoki, Saurabh B. Kandpal and Lawrence M. Tierney

    19. Chapter 21

      In the Face of it all (pages 177–184)

      Amit Garg, Thomas E. Baudendistel and Gurpreet Dhaliwal

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