Linking Diagenesis to Sequence Stratigraphy

Linking Diagenesis to Sequence Stratigraphy

Editor(s): Sadoon Morad, J. Marcelo Ketzer, Luiz F. De Ros

Published Online: 22 MAY 2013 10:56PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118485392

Online ISBN: 9781118485347

DOI: 10.1002/9781118485347

About this Book

Sequence stratigraphy is a powerful tool for the prediction of depositional porosity and permeability, but does not account for the impact of diagenesis on these reservoir parameters. Therefore, integrating diagenesis and sequence stratigraphy can provide a better way of predicting reservoir quality.

This special publication consists of 19 papers (reviews and case studies) exploring different aspects of the integration of diagenesis and sequence stratigraphy in carbonate, siliciclastic, and mixed carbonate-siliciclastic successions from various geological settings. This book will be of interest to sedimentary petrologists aiming to understand the distribution of diagenesis in siliciclastic and carbonate successions, to sequence stratigraphers who can use diagenetic features to recognize and verify interpreted key stratigraphic surfaces, and to petroleum geologists  who wish to develop more realistic conceptual models for the spatial and temporal distribution of reservoir quality.

This book is part of the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS) Special Publications.

The Special Publications from the IAS are a set of thematic volumes edited by specialists on subjects of central interest to sedimentologists. Papers are reviewed and printed to the same high standards as those published in the journal Sedimentology and several of these volumes have become standard works of reference.

Table of contents

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    2. Geochemical Evidence for Meteoric Diagenesis and Cryptic Surfaces of Subaerial Exposure in Upper Ordovician Peritidal Carbonates from the Nashville Dome, Central Tennessee, USA (pages 257–269)

      L. Bruce Railsback, Karen M. Layou, Noel A. Heim, Steven M. Holland, M.L. Trogdon, M.B. Jarrett, Gabriel M. Izsak, Daniel E. Bulger, Eric J. Wysong, Kenton J. Trubee, J.M. Fiser, Julia E. Cox and Douglas E. Crowe

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