A Handbook of Practicing Anthropology

A Handbook of Practicing Anthropology

Editor(s): Riall W. Nolan

Published Online: 14 FEB 2014 09:53PM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470674604

Online ISBN: 9781118486597

DOI: 10.1002/9781118486597

About this Book

An essential career-planning resource, A Handbook of Practicing Anthropology presents a comprehensive account of contemporary anthropological practice written primarily by anthropological practitioners

  • Engagingly written  and instructive accounts  of practice by anthropological professionals working in corporations, governmental, entrepreneurial, and educational settings
  • Provides essential guidance on applying anthropological principles on the job: what works well and what must be learned
  • Emphasizes the value of collaboration, teamwork, and continuous learning as key elements to success in non-academic careers
  • Highlights the range of successful career options for practitioners , describes  significant sectors of professional activity, and discusses key issues, concerns, and controversies in the field
  • Chapters examine key practice sectors such as freelancing, managing a consulting firm, working for government, non-profits, and corporations, and the domains of health, industry, education, international development, and the military

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: The Practitioner Career Arc

    1. Chapter 5

      Job Success 101 (pages 47–60)

      Cathleen Crain and Nathaniel Tashima

  2. Part II: Practitioner Bases

  3. Part III: Domains of Practice

  4. Part IV: Key Issues

  5. Part V: Conclusion

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