Survey Measurement and Process Quality

Survey Measurement and Process Quality

Editor(s): Lars Lyberg, Paul Biemer, Martin Collins, Edith De Leeuw, Cathryn Dippo, Norbert Schwarz, Dennis Trewin

Published Online: 29 AUG 2012 10:10AM EST

Print ISBN: 9780471165590

Online ISBN: 9781118490013

DOI: 10.1002/9781118490013

About this Book

An in-depth look at current issues, new research findings, and interdisciplinary exchange in survey methodology and processing

Survey Measurement and Process Quality extends the marriage of traditional survey issues and continuous quality improvement further than any other contemporary volume. It documents the current state of the field, reports new research findings, and promotes interdisciplinary exchange in questionnaire design, data collection, data processing, quality assessment, and effects of errors on estimation and analysis.

The book's five sections discuss a broad range of issues and topics in each of five major areas, including
* Questionnaire design--conceptualization, design of rating scales for effective measurement, self-administered questionnaires, and more
* Data collection--new technology, interviewer effects, interview mode, children as respondents
* Post-survey processing and operations--modeling of classification operations, coding based on such systems, editing, integrating processes
* Quality assessment and control--total quality management, developing current best methods, service quality, quality efforts across organizations
* Effects of misclassification on estimation, analysis, and interpretation--misclassification and other measurement errors, new variance estimators that account for measurement error, estimators of nonsampling error components in interview surveys

Survey Measurement and Process Quality is an indispensable resource for survey practitioners and managers as well as an excellent supplemental text for undergraduate and graduate courses and special seminars.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Questionnaire Design

    1. Chapter 4

      Social Cognition and Responses to Survey Questions Among Culturally Diverse Populations (pages 87–113)

      Timothy Johnson, Diane O'Rourke, Noel Chavez, Seymour Sudman, Richard Warnecke, Loretta Lacey and John Horm

  2. Part II: Data Collection

    1. Chapter 13

      Effects of Interview Mode on Sensitive Questions in a Fertility Survey (pages 311–329)

      Jared B. Jobe, William F. Pratt, Roger Tourangeau, Alison K. Baldwin and Kenneth A. Rasinski

  3. Part III: Post Survey Processing and Operations

  4. Part IV: Quality Assessment and Control

  5. Part V: Error Effects on Estimation, Analyses, and Interpretation

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