Basic Statistical Tools for Improving Quality

Basic Statistical Tools for Improving Quality

Author(s): Chang W. Kang, Paul H. Kvam

Published Online: 29 AUG 2012

Print ISBN: 9780470889497

Online ISBN: 9781118491751

DOI: 10.1002/9781118491751

About this Book

This book is an introductory book on improving the quality of a process or a system, primarily through the technique of statistical process control (SPC). There are numerous technical manuals available for SPC, but this book differs in two ways: (1) the basic tools of SPC are introduced in a no-nonsense, simple, non-math manner, and (2) the methods can be learned and practiced in an uncomplicated fashion using free software (eZ SPC 2.0), which is available to all readers online as a downloadable product. The book explains QC7 Tools, control charts, and statistical analysis including basic design of experiments. Theoretical explanations of the analytical methods are avoided; instead, results are interpreted through the use of the software.

Table of contents