EPD Congress 2011

EPD Congress 2011

Editor(s): Sergio N. Monteiro, Dirk E. Verhulst, Prince N. Anyalebechi, Joseph A. Pomykala

Published Online: 22 AUG 2012 10:54AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118036525

Online ISBN: 9781118495285

DOI: 10.1002/9781118495285

About this Book

This CD includes the proceedings from the EPD Congress addressing the state of the industry and art associated with extraction and process metallurgy. The congress is held at the annual meeting of The Minerals, Metals, and Materials Society. Topics included here are: characterization of minerals, metals, and materials; the practice and theory of chloride-based metallurgy; materials processing fundamentals; and recycling.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Characterization Methods and Synthesis Techniques

    1. Selective Removal of Thiophene from Liquid Fuels over Nickel Based Nanocrystalline Zinc Oxide (pages 29–36)

      Mohammad Rafiqul Islam, Jewel Andrew Gomes, Hylton McWhinney, Doanh Tran, Sameer Pallavkar, Md Islam, George Irwin and David Cocke

  2. Part II: Mineral Processing and Analysis

    1. Characterization of a Greensand Slate from Cedro do Abaeté – Brazil to the Synthesis of a Potassium Thermophosphate (pages 38–45)

      Adriana de Aquino Soeiro da Silva, João Alves Sampaio, Francisco Manoel Garrido, Marta Eloísa Medeiros and Luiz Carlos Bertolino

    2. Application of High-Power Nanosecond Pulses to Flotation Separation of Sulfide Minerals (pages 47–54)

      Igor Zh. Bunin, Valentine A. Chanturiya, Alexey T. Kovalev, Irina A. Khabarova and Elizaveta V. Koporulina

    3. Characterization of Burrows from Mining District of Pachuca – Real Del Monte, in Hidalgo State and Viability Study to Use These Residues as Alternate Industrial Material (pages 73–80)

      Hernández A. Juan, Salinas R. Eleazar, Patiño C. Francisco, Rivera L. Isauro, Reyes P. Martín, Pérez L. J. Miguel, Juárez T. César and Cerecedo S. Eduardo

  3. Part III: Characterization of Steel and Cast Iron

  4. Part IV: Characterization of Non-Ferrous Alloys

  5. Part V: Structural Characterization

  6. Part VI: Nanomaterials, Nanotechniques and Thin Films

  7. Part VII: Characterization of Polymers, Composites and Natural Materials

    1. Characterization of Tensile Properties of Piassava Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites (pages 278–287)

      Denise Cristina Oliveira Nascimento, Isabela Leão Amaral da Silva, Alice Barreto Bevitori, Felipe Perissé Duarte Lopes and Sergio Neves Monteiro

    2. Dynamic-Mechanical Characterization of Polyester Matrix Composites Reinforced with Banana Fibers (pages 335–342)

      Nathalia Carneiro Garcia Rosa, Lucas Barbosa de Souza Martins, Felipe Perissé Duarte Lopes, Lucas Lopes da Costa, Sergio Neves Monteiro and Rubén Jesus Sanchez Rodriguez

    3. Photoacoustic Thermal Characterization of a Natural Biofoam Extracted from the Buriti Palm Tree (pages 351–357)

      Lucas L. da Costa, Leonardo Mota, Milton B. Filho, Marcelo G. da Silva, Tammy G. R. Portela, Helion Vargas and Sergio N. Monteiro

    4. Pullout Test of Jute Fiber to Evaluate the Interface Shear Stress in Polyester Composites (pages 359–365)

      Isabela Leão Amaral da Silva, Alice Barreto Bevitori, Felipe Perisse Duarte Lopes and Sergio Neves Monteiro

    5. Thermal Analysis Characterization of Ramie Fibers with Different Diameters (pages 367–372)

      Ruben Sanchez Rodriguez, Alice Barreto Bevitori, Isabela Leão Amaral da Silva, Felipe Perissé, Duarte Lopes and Sergio Neves Monteiro

  8. Part VIII: Poster Session

    1. Pullout Tests of Sisal Fibers in Epoxy Matrix for Characterization of Interfacial Shear Stress (pages 383–390)

      Wellington Pereira Inácio, Artur Camposo Pereira, Sergio Neves Monteiro, Fernando Wypych and Rafael Marangoni

  9. Part IX: Hydrometallurgy

  10. Part X: Pyrometallurgy and Acid Regeneration

  11. Part XI: Molten Salts, Magnesium and Aluminum

  12. Part XII: Solidification, Deformation, and Heat Treatment

  13. Part XIII: Process Modeling

  14. Part XIV: Powders and Composites

  15. Part XV: Smelting, Refining, and Liquid Processing

    1. Removal of Textile Dye Using Electrocoagulation (pages 835–844)

      Jewel Andrew Gomes, Sadia Afrin Jame, Daniel Chen, Venkata Palla, Paul Bernazzani and David Cocke

  16. Part XVI: Posters - Materials Processing Fundamentals

  17. Part XVII: Metals

    1. Increased Recycled Aluminum Content during Remelting by Incorporating Compositional Uncertainty (pages 939–946)

      Tracey Brommer, Elsa Olivetti, Britt Elin Gihleengen, Hans Ole Riddervold, Geir Øyen and Randolph Kirchain

  18. Part XVIII: Waste Utilization

  19. Part XIX: Building Materials

    1. Production of Rock Wool from Ornamental Rock Wastes (pages 1046–1051)

      Joner O. Alves, Girley F. Rodrigues, Denise C. R. Espinosa and Jorge A. S. Tenorio

    2. Recycling of Fluorescent Lamp Glass into Clayey Ceramic (pages 1053–1060)

      Alline Sardinha Cordeiro Morais, Thais Cristina da Costa Caldas, Sergio Neves Monteiro and Carlos Maurício Fontes Vieira

    3. Recycling of Ornamental Rock Waste into Clayey Ceramics (pages 1069–1074)

      Carlos Maurício Fontes Vieira, Mariane Costalonga de Aguiar and Sergio Neves Monteiro

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