Sour Gas and Related Technologies

Sour Gas and Related Technologies

Editor(s): Ying (Alice) Wu, John J. Carroll, Weiyao Zhu

Published Online: 19 SEP 2012 07:50AM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470948149

Online ISBN: 9781118511138

DOI: 10.1002/9781118511138

About this Book

Carbon dioxide has been implicated in the global climate change, and CO2 sequestration is a technology being explored to curb the anthropogenic emission of CO2 into the atmosphere. The injection of CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) has the duel benefit of sequestering the CO2 and extending the life of some older fields. This volume presents some of the latest information on these processes covering physical properties, operations, design, reservoir engineering, and geochemistry for AGI and the related technologies.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Data: Experiments and Correlation

  2. Part II: Process

    1. Chapter 5

      A Holistic Look at Gas Treating Simulation (pages 57–78)

      Nathan A. Hatcher, R. Scott Alvis and Ralph H. Weiland

  3. Part III: Acid Gas Injection

  4. Part IV: Subsurface

    1. Chapter 16

      Modeling and Evaluation of Oilfield Fluid Processing Schemes (pages 247–260)

      Jie Zhang, Ayodeji A. Jeje, Gang Chen, Haiying Cheng, Yuan You and Shugang Li

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