Spin-Crossover Materials: Properties and Applications

Spin-Crossover Materials: Properties and Applications


Published Online: 18 JAN 2013 02:23AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781119998679

Online ISBN: 9781118519301

DOI: 10.1002/9781118519301

About this Book

The phenomenon of spin-crossover has a large impact on the physical properties of a solid material, including its colour, magnetic moment, and electrical resistance. Some materials also show a structural phase change during the transition. Several practical applications of spin-crossover materials have been demonstrated including display and memory devices, electrical and electroluminescent devices, and MRI contrast agents. Switchable liquid crystals, nanoparticles, and thin films of spin-crossover materials have also been achieved.

Spin-Crossover Materials: Properties and Applications presents a comprehensivesurvey of recent developments in spin-crossover research, highlighting the multidisciplinary nature of this rapidly expanding field. Following an introductory chapter which describes the spin-crossover phenomenon and historical development of the field, the book goes on to cover a wide range of topics including

  • Spin-crossover in mononuclear, polynuclear and polymeric complexes
  • Structure: function relationships in molecular spin-crossover materials
  • Charge-transfer-induced spin-transitions
  • Reversible spin-pairing in crystalline organic radicals
  • Spin-state switching in solution
  • Spin-crossover compounds in multifunctional switchable materials and nanotechnology
  • Physical and theoretical methods for studying spin-crossover materials

Spin-Crossover Materials: Properties and Applications is a valuable resource for academic researchers working in the field of spin-crossover materials and topics related to crystal engineering, solid state chemistry and physics, and molecular materials. Postgraduate students will also find this book useful as a comprehensive introduction to the field.

Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 10

      Spin-State Switching in Solution (pages 281–301)

      Matthew P. Shores, Christina M. Klug and Stephanie R. Fiedler

    3. Chapter 13

      Luminescent Spin-Crossover Materials (pages 347–373)

      Helena J. Shepherd, Carlos M. Quintero, Gábor Molnár, Lionel Salmon and Azzedine Bousseksou

    4. Chapter 16

      Real-Time Observation of Spin-Transitions by Optical Microscopy (pages 425–441)

      François Varret, Christian Chong, Ahmed Slimani, Damien Garrot, Yann Garcia and Anil D. Naik

    5. Chapter 19

      Optimizing the Stability of Trapped Metastable Spin States (pages 475–506)

      Jean-François Létard, Guillaume Chastanet, Philippe Guionneau and Cedric Desplanches

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