Encyclopedia of Membrane Science and Technology

Encyclopedia of Membrane Science and Technology

Online ISBN: 9781118522318

DOI: 10.1002/9781118522318


Schematic of stimuli-responsive membrane: polymers grafted on a substrate change their conformation and/or composition in response to an external stimuli (e.g., external field, change of temperature, ion concentration or pH). For more details about their preparation and applications see the articles Stimuli-Responsive Membranes and Biological and Biomimetic Membranes.

Feed and permeate flow through a spiral wound membrane module. To find out more read the article on Design and Construction of Commercial Spiral Wound Modules.

Schematic of template-based preparation of porous membranes. See the articles Micro-Engineered Membranes, Enantioselective Membranes (free article), and Membranes with Hierarchical Porosity for an overview of the techniques to manipulate membranes morphology.