Wellbeing: A Complete Reference Guide

Wellbeing: A Complete Reference Guide

Online ISBN: 9781118539415

DOI: 10.1002/9781118539415

About this Book

This reference set comprises six volumes that focus on the ways wellbeing has been studied and can be applied across different aspects of the life course.

  • The first multi-volume examination of all elements of wellbeing.
  • Volumes cover children and families; the workplace; the environment; aging and later life; economics; and policies of wellbeing
  • Each volume brings together leaders of their respective fields in an edited volume of original articles
  • Presents a synthesis of the latest research on this growing and interdisciplinary area of study


Wellbeing in Children and Families, Volume I
Edited by Susan H. Landry and Cary L. Cooper

Wellbeing and the Environment, Volume II
Edited by Elizabeth Burton, Rachel Cooper and Cary L. Cooper

Work and Wellbeing, Volume III
Edited by Peter Y. Chen and Cary L. Cooper

Wellbeing in Later Life, Volume IV
Edited by Thomas B. L. Kirkwood and Cary L. Cooper

The Economics of Wellbeing, Volume V
Edited by David McDaid and Cary L. Cooper

Interventions and Policies to Enhance Wellbeing, Volume VI
Edited by Felicia A. Huppert and Cary L. Cooper

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