Numerical Methods, Volume 3

Numerical Methods, Volume 3

Editor(s): Jean-Michel Tanguy

Published Online: 21 JAN 2013 03:52AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781848211551

Online ISBN: 9781118557877

DOI: 10.1002/9781118557877

About this Book

This series of five volumes proposes an integrated description of physical processes modeling used by scientific disciplines from meteorology to coastal morphodynamics. Volume 1 describes the physical processes and identifies the main measurement devices used to measure the main parameters that are indispensable to implement all these simulation tools. Volume 2 presents the different theories in an integrated approach: mathematical models as well as conceptual models, used by all disciplines to represent these processes. Volume 3 identifies the main numerical methods used in all these scientific fields to translate mathematical models into numerical tools. Volume 4 is composed of a series of case studies, dedicated to practical applications of these tools in engineering problems. To complete this presentation, volume 5 identifies and describes the modeling software in each discipline.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: General Considerations Concerning Numerical Tools

  2. Part 2: Discretization Methods

    1. Chapter 6

      Finite Differences (pages 95–107)

      Marie-Madeleine Maubourguet and Jean-Michel Tanguy

  3. Part 3: Introduction to Data Assimilation

    1. Chapter 12

      Data Assimilation (pages 273–293)

      Jean Pailleux, Denis Dartus, Xijun Lai, Jérôme Monnier and Marc Honnorat

    2. Chapter 13

      Data Assimilation Methodology (pages 295–347)

      Hélène Bessière, Hélène Roux, François-Xavier Le Dimet and Denis Dartus

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