Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications

Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications

Editor(s): Hervé Panetto, Nacer Boudjlida

Published Online: 7 MAR 2013 10:35PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781848212701

Online ISBN: 9781118558003

DOI: 10.1002/9781118558003

About this Book

Within the framework of the Sixth I-ESA International Conference, supported by the INTEROP VLab (International Virtual Laboratory on Enterprise Interoperability,, three workshops and a Doctoral Symposium have been organized in order to strengthen some key topics related to interoperability for enterprise applications and software. The workshops were selected to complement the conference topics, leaving more time to researchers for brainstorming and then coming up, at the end of the workshops, with new research directions for the future.

The goal of the workshop "Standards - a Foundation for Interoperability" is to increase awareness and understanding of interoperability standards as a fundamental need. The workshop "Use of MDI/SOA Concepts in Industry" promotes the application of MDI (Model-Driven Interoperability) combined with SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) and the associated technology (BPM, Enterprise Modeling, ontology, mediation, model transformation, etc.) in industry. The workshop on "Dynamic Management across Interoperating Enterprises" investigates the need for enhancements to current business management systems and processes to address the needs of global trading across enterprises utilizing the new service-oriented Internet. Finally, the Doctoral Symposium has given the opportunity for students involved in the preparation of their PhDs in this emerging area to present and discuss their research issues and ideas with senior researchers.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Standards – A Foundation for Interoperability

    1. Standards Creation and Adoption for SME Networks (pages 41–52)

      Piero De Sabbata, Nicola Gessa, Arianna Brutti, Cristiano Novelli, Angelo Frascella and Gianluca D'Agosta

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  2. Part 2: Use of MDI/SOA Concepts in Industry

    1. An Exploration of Foundation Ontologies and Verification Methods for Manufacturing Knowledge Sharing (pages 83–94)

      R. Young, N. Chungoora, Z. Usman, N. Anjum, G. Gunendran, C. Palmer, J.A. Harding, K. Case and A.-F. Cutting-Decelle

    1. ISTA3 Methodology Application Case (pages 95–110)

      Nabila Zouggar, Mickaël Romain, Guy Doumeingts, Sébastien Cazajous, Yves Ducq, Christophe Merlo and Martine Grandin-Dubost

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  3. Part 3: Doctoral Symposium

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