Crystals in Glass: A Hidden Beauty

Crystals in Glass: A Hidden Beauty

Author(s): Edgar D. Zanotto

Published Online: 24 JUN 2013

Print ISBN: 9781118521434

Online ISBN: 9781118559055

DOI: 10.1002/9781118559055

About this Book

A "must-have" for materials engineers, chemists, physicists, and geologists, this is one of the first "coffee-table" books in the field of glass science.

Containing over fifty beautiful micrographs, the book reflects 35 years of original research by a highly regarded authority in the field. It contains 50 slides culled from tens of thousands of images on glass crystal nucleation, growth, and crystallization. The images represent glass crystallization mechanisms, including internal, surface, homogeneous, heterogeneous, and eutectic, crystal nucleation and growth.

Table of contents