Advanced Delivery and Therapeutic Applications of RNAi

Advanced Delivery and Therapeutic Applications of RNAi

Editor(s): Kun Cheng, Ram I. Mahato

Published Online: 26 APR 2013 06:38AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781119976868

Online ISBN: 9781118610749

DOI: 10.1002/9781118610749

About this Book

RNA interference (RNAi) is a process in living cells whereby small double stranded RNA interferes with the expression of specific genes with complementary nucleotide sequence. Like many nucleic acid-based therapies, RNAi has great potential in treating various life-threatening diseases. However, the poor stability and cellular uptake of RNAi molecules remain considerable barriers to their efficient delivery which is paramount to a successful therapy. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to RNAi delivery, then goes on to discuss different delivery strategies, and concludes with current applications in various diseases. It covers:

  • Mechanisms, Barriers, and Analysis of RNAi Delivery
  • Nonclinical Safety Assessments and Clinical Pharmacokinetics: A Regulatory Perspective
  • Bioconjugation of siRNA for Site Specifi c Delivery
  • Nanoscale Delivery Systems for RNAi
  • Environmentally-Responsive Delivery Systems for RNAi
  • Light-sensitive RNAi
  • Viral-Mediated Delivery of shRNA and miRNA
  • RNAi applications in Cancer Therapy, Liver Diseases, Hepatitis B, and Ocular Disease
  • miRNA as therapeutic agents and targets

Advanced Delivery and Therapeutic Applications of RNAi combines the essential aspects of developing RNAi therapeutics from bench to clinic, and is invaluable for researchers working on RNAi, drug discovery and delivery, biomedical engineering, biomaterials, molecular biology, and biotechnology.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Introduction and Basics of RNAi

  2. Part 2: RNAi Delivery Strategies

    1. Chapter 7

      Multifunctional RNAi Delivery Systems (pages 137–161)

      China Malakondaiah Kummitha, Anthony S. Malamas and Zheng-Rong Lu

    2. Chapter 8

      Dendrimers in RNAi Delivery (pages 163–185)

      Jose Luis Jiménez Fuentes, Paula Ortega, Sara Ferrando-Martínez, Rafael Gómez, Manuel Leal, Javier de la Mata and MªAngeles Muñoz- Fernandez

  3. Part 3: Applications of RNAi in Various Diseases

    1. Chapter 13

      RNAi in Cancer Therapy (pages 271–307)

      Cristian Rodriguez-Aguayo, Arturo Chavez-Reyes, Gabriel Lopez-Berestein and Anil K. Sood

    2. Chapter 15

      RNAi in Liver Diseases (pages 327–366)

      Jiang Li, Jianqin Lu, Yifei Zhang, Mohammed Ghazwani, Peng Zhang, Xiang Gao and Song Li

    3. Chapter 17

      RNAi in Respiratory Diseases (pages 391–416)

      Ciara Kelly, Awadh B. Yadav, Paul J. McKiernan, Catherine M. Greene and Sally-Ann Cryan

    4. Chapter 18

      RNAi in Ocular Diseases (pages 417–437)

      Andrey Turchinovich, Georg Zoidl and Rolf Dermietzel

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