Essential Readings in Light Metals: Cast Shop for Aluminum Production, Volume 3

Essential Readings in Light Metals: Cast Shop for Aluminum Production, Volume 3

Editor(s): John F. Grandfield, Dmitry G. Eskin

Published Online: 8 APR 2013 02:11PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118635711

Online ISBN: 9781118647783

DOI: 10.1002/9781118647783

About this Book


Original research findings and reviews spanning all aspects of the science and technology of casting


Since 1971, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society has published the Light Metals proceedings. Highlighting some of the most important findings and insights reported over the past four decades, this volume features the best original research papers and reviews on cast shop science and technology for aluminum production published in Light Metals from 1971 to 2011.

Papers have been divided into ten subject sections for ease of access. Each section has a brief introduction and a list of recommended articles for researchers interested in exploring each subject in greater depth.

Only 12 percent of the cast shop science and technology papers ever published in Light Metals were chosen for this volume. Selection was based on a rigorous review process. Among the papers, readers will find landmark original research findings and expert reviews summarizing current thinking on key topics at the time of publication.

From basic research to industry standards to advanced applications, the articles published in this volume collectively represent a complete overview of cast shop science and technology, supporting the work of students, researchers, and engineers around the world.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Introduction

  2. Part II: Furnaces, Melting, Fluxing, and Alloying

    1. Removal of Alkali Metals from Aluminum (pages 71–79)

      Edward M. Williams, Ron W. McCarthy, Sander A. Levy and Geoffrey K. Sigworth

  3. Part III: Oxidation and Dross Processing

  4. Part IV: Melt Quality: Degassing, Filtering, and Analysis

  5. Part V: Structure: Grain Refinement, Modification, and Microsegregation

  6. Part VI: Direct-Chill Casting

    1. Advances for DC Ingot Casting: Part 2 - Heat Transfer and Casting Results (pages 672–680)

      Gary Patrick Grealy, J. Lee Davis, Einar Kristian Jensen, Per Arne Tøndel and Jürgen Moritz

  7. Part VII: Casting Defects and Their Control

  8. Part VIII: Other Casting Methods

  9. Part IX: Heat Treatment

  10. Part X: Safety

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