Ni-Co 2013

Ni-Co 2013

Editor(s): Thomas Battle, Michael Moats, Violina Cocalia, Harald Oosterhof, Shafiq Alam, Antoine Allanore, Rodney Jones, Nathan Stubina, Corby Anderson, Shijie Wang

Published Online: 31 JAN 2013 08:24AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118605752

Online ISBN: 9781118658826

DOI: 10.1002/9781118658826

About this Book

With both nickel and cobalt featuring heavily in modern industry, there is an ongoing and intense interest in ore supplies and processing, applications development, and recycling. This book presents a collection of authoritative papers covering the latest advances in all aspects of nickel and cobalt processing, including fundamentals, technology, operating practices, and related areas of Platinum-Group Metals (PGM) processing. Special emphasis is given to the treatment of sulphide and laterite ores, concentrates, and secondary materials for the production of nickel and cobalt.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Plenary

  2. Part II: Ni Laterite Hydrometallurgy

  3. Part III: Electrometallurgy

  4. Part IV: Pyrometallurgy: Solid-State Processing

  5. Part V: Ores and Processing

  6. Part VI: Pyrometallurgy: Smelting

  7. Part VII: Applications & Recycling

  8. Part VIII: Ni and Co Hydrometallurgy

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