Light Metals 2013

Light Metals 2013

Editor(s): Barry A. Sadler

Published Online: 23 FEB 2013 02:41AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118605721

Online ISBN: 9781118663189

DOI: 10.1002/9781118663189

About this Book

The Light Metals series is widely recognized as the definitive source of information on new developments in aluminum production technology. This new volume presents proceedings from 2013's Light Metal Symposia, covering the latest research and technologies on such areas as alumina and bauxite, aluminum reduction technology, electrode technology for aluminum production, cast shop for aluminum production, aluminum processing aluminum alloys, and cost affordable titanium IV. It also includes papers from a keynote presentation session discussing impurities in the aluminum supply chain are also included.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Keynote Session

    1. Impact of Higher Vanadium Levels on Smelter Operations (pages 21–25)

      Chuck Coney, Lew Crabtree, John Gavin, Wes Marcrum, Andrea Weber and Les Edwards

    2. An Initial Assessment of the Effects of Increased Ni and V Content in A356 and AA6063 Alloys (pages 39–45)

      John Grandfield, Lisa Sweet, Cameron Davidson, Jason Mitchell, Aiden Beer, Suming Zhu, Xiaobo Chen and Mark Easton

  2. Part II: Digestion

    1. Fractal Kinetic Model for Digesting Alumina (pages 65–70)

      Li Bao, Ting-an Zhang, Anh V Nguyen, Weimin Long, Jia Ma, Zhihe Dou and Guozhi Lv

    2. MAX HT® Bayer Sodalite Scale Inhibiter: A Green Solution to Energy Consumption (pages 71–74)

      Morris Lewellyn, Alan Rothenberg, Calvin Franz, Frank Ballentine, Frank Kula, Luis Soliz, Qi Dai and Scott Moffatt

  3. Part III: Clarification

    1. Improvement on the Operation Management System of Vertical Pressure Filters (pages 83–85)

      Tatiani Santos, Lucélia Moraes, Aline Sampaio, Milton Maciel, Humberto Lima, Joel Miranda, Alípio Júnior and Juarez Borges

    2. Using a Multivariate Statistical in the Identification of Alumina Loss in Red Mud (pages 87–89)

      Alípio Júnior, Américo Borges, Ayana Oliveira, Humberto Lima, Joaquim Ribeiro, Joel Miranda and Ricardo Podversek

  4. Part IV: Red Mud

    1. Automatic Control of Drum Filters Operation (pages 103–107)

      Aline Sampaio, Lucélia Moraes, Tatiani Santos, Humberto Lima, Américo Borges and Juarez Borges

    2. A New Technology for Dry Disposal of Alunorte's Bauxite Residue (pages 109–112)

      Marcelo Miranda de Castro, Carlos Roberto Abrunheiro Trindade, Ronaldo Guimarães Pantoja, Eduardo Raimundo Queiroz Alves Junior and Armênio Rabelo Martins

    3. Pilot Test of Bauxite Residue Carbonation with Flue Gas (pages 113–118)

      Luis C. A. Venancio, José Antonio Silva Souza, Emanuel Negrão Macedo, Fernando Aracati Botelho and Glaucia Costa César

  5. Part V: Precipitation and Calcination

    1. Improve the Classification System in Hydro Alunorte Lines 4/5 (pages 147–149)

      Emerson Moraes, Hans Haraldsen, Cleto Junior, Joaquim Ribeiro, Cesar Magro, Jose Chartouni, Everton Santos and Darlan Gomes

    2. Increase in the Stability of Gravimetric Classification System of Precipitation at Hydro Alunorte (pages 151–154)

      Victor Cruz, Emerson Moraes, Cleto Azevedo Junior, Denise Rodrigues, Adjane Souza, Alex Furtado and Dauton Silva

  6. Part VI: Impurities

  7. Part VII: Low Grade Alumina Sources

    1. The Processing of High Quartz Bauxite (pages 217–221)

      Edgar Gasafi, Alessio Scarsella, Vladimir Hartman and Hans. W. Schmidt

    2. Calcification-Carbonation Method for Alumina Production by Using Low-Grade Bauxite (pages 233–238)

      Zhang Ting'an, Zhu Xiaofeng, Lv Guozhi, Pan Lu, Liu Yan, Zhao Qiuyue, Li Yan, Jiang Xiaoli and He Jicheng

  8. Part VIII: Development and Application

  9. Part IX: Corrosion Resistance Performance

  10. Part X: Casting and Solidification

  11. Part XI: Thermal Mechanical Processing

  12. Part XII: Solutioning and Aging

  13. Part XIII: Emerging Technology

  14. Part XIV: General Poster Session

    1. Effect of Mg Contents on Fluidity of Al-xMg Alloys (pages 453–456)

      Nam-Seok Kim, Seong-Ho Ha, Young-Ok Yoon, Gil-Yong Yeom, Hyun Kyu Lim and Shae K. Kim

    2. The Effect of Thermomechanical Ageing of Aluminium–Copper Alloy (MATLAB Approach) (pages 481–486)

      Adegbola Adekunle Amos, Ghazali Akeem, Fashina Olugbenga Emmanuel, Omotoyinbo Joseph Ajibade and Olaniran Oladayo

  15. Part XV: Aluminum Processing I

  16. Part XVI: Aluminum Processing II

  17. Part XVII: Cell Design and Performance

    1. Advancements of Dubal High Amperage Reduction Cell Technologies (pages 553–556)

      Michel Reverdy, Abdalla Zarouni, Jean-Luc Faudou, Qassim Galadari, Ali Al Zarouni, Sergey Akhmetov, Kamel Al Aswad, Maryam Al-Jallaf, Walid Al Sayed and Vinko Potocnik

    2. D18+: Potline Modernisation at DUBAL (pages 561–565)

      Sergey Akhmetov, Daniel Whitfield, Maryam Mohammad Al-Jallaf, Ali Al-Zarouni, Alexander Arkhipov, Amer Al-Redhwan and Wael Abou Sidou

  18. Part XVIII: Fundamentals: Modelling

    1. Unsteady MHD Modelling Applied to Cell Stability (pages 577–584)

      Renaudier Steeve, Bardet Benoit, Steiner Gilles, Pedcenko Alex, Rappaz Jacques, Molokov Sergeï and Masserey Alexandre

    2. Mathematical Model Validation of Aluminium Electrolysis Cells at DUBAL (pages 597–602)

      Abdalla Zarouni, Lalit Mishra, Marwan Bastaki, Amal Al Jasmi, Alexander Arkhipov and Vinko Potocnik

  19. Part XIX: Potline Operation I: Smelter Operations

    1. Low Power Operation at Aluminium Dunkerque Smelter (pages 633–639)

      Jean-Michel Peyneau, Laurent Fiot, Stéphane Mermet-Guyenet and Olivier Rebouillat

    2. The Quick Shut Down and Restarting of 291 kA Pre-Baked Potline at JSC “RUSAL Sayanogorsk” from May to August 2011 (pages 647–652)

      Victor Buzunov, Andrey Soldatov, Victor Mann, Aleksandr Pavin, Vasily Borisov, Sergey Zatepyakin, Evgeny Shcherbakov and Andrey Guzenkov

  20. Part XX: Fundamentals: Chemistry

  21. Part XXI: Cell Operations and Process Control

  22. Part XXII: Environment I

    1. Reduction in HF Emission through Improvement in Operational Practices (pages 761–767)

      H. Devadiga, A. Banjab, M. AlJallaf, A. Al Zarouni, K. Al Aswad, A. Kumar, G. Meintjes, S. Gowda and M. Khan

    2. Latest Developments in Potroom Building Ventilation CFD Modelling (pages 811–816)

      Nathalie Menet, Guillaume Girault, Nicolas Monnet, Catherine Turpin and Lionel Soulhac

  23. Part XXIII: Potline Operation II: Equipment

    1. Replacement of Damaged Electrical Insulators on Live Cross-Over Busbars inside a Tunnel: A Methodology Based on Risk Assessment and Numerical Simulation (pages 823–828)

      Daniel Richard, André Yelle, Olivier Charette, Andre Felipe Schneider, Jean-François Nadeau, Mickael Glière (RTA), Yannick Drouet and Philippe Brème (RTA)

  24. Part XXIV: Environment II: PFCs

    1. A Study of Low Voltage PFC Emissions at Dubal (pages 857–863)

      Abdalla Zarouni, Michel Reverdy, Ali Al Zarouni and K.G. Venkatasubramaniam

  25. Part XXV: Cell Fundamentals, Phenomena and Alternatives I (2012)

  26. Part XXVI: Aluminum Cast Shop I

  27. Part XXVII: Aluminum Cast Shop II

  28. Part XXVIII: Aluminum Cast Shop III

  29. Part XXIX: Aluminum Cast Shop IV

  30. Part XXX: Anode Raw Materials

    1. Review of Different Techniques to Study the Interaction Between Coke and Pitch in Anode Manufacturing (pages 1041–1050)

      Duygu Kocaefe, Arunima Sarkar, Shipan Das, Salah Amrani, Dipankar Bhattacharyay, Dilip Sarkar, Yasar Kocaefe, Brigitte Morais and Marc Gagnon

    2. Impurity Removal from Petroleum Coke (pages 1057–1062)

      Alexandre Gagnon, Nigel Backhouse, Hans Darmstadt, Esmé Ryan, Laurence Dyer and David G. Dixon

  31. Part XXXI: Paste Plant Operations

    1. Measures to Prevent Baked Anode Density Drop When Using High Porosity Cokes (pages 1097–1100)

      Vinicius Piffer, Chin Woo, Fabiana Nicéas, Rafael Bacelar, Jeronimo Araujo and Leonardo Paulino

    2. Optimum Vibration Time for Green Anode Production (pages 1123–1126)

      Shoulei Gao, Chongai Bao, Shoujun Zhang, Huanxue Wang, Joe Woo and Euel Cutshall

  32. Part XXXII: Bake Furnace Design and Operation

    1. Energy Efficiency Improvement in Anode Baking Furnaces (pages 1151–1154)

      Shoulei Gao, Chongai Bao, Shoujun Zhang, Huanxue Wang, Joe Woo and Euel Cutshall

    2. Anode Baking Process Improvement at ALRO (pages 1155–1161)

      Pierre Mahieu, Nicolas Fiot, Arnaud Trillat, Ovidiu Balu and Cristian Stanescu

  33. Part XXXIII: Anode Quality and Performance

    1. Electrochemical Characterization of Carbon Anode Performance (pages 1207–1211)

      Rebecca Jayne Thorne, Camilla Sommerseth, Espen Sandnes, Ole Kjos, Thor Anders Aarhaug, Lorentz Petter Lossius, Hogne Linga and Arne Petter Ratvik

  34. Part XXXIV: Cathode Materials and Wear

  35. Part XXXV: Inert Anodes, Cell Materials and Alternative Processes

  36. Part XXXVI: CBF Environmental & Anode Electrical Connections

    1. Thermo-Electro-Mechanical Characterization of Anode Interfaces at Operating Conditions (pages 1335–1340)

      Hugues Fortin, Marie-Hélène Martin, Nédeltcho Kandev, Guillaume Gauvin, Donald Ziegler and Mario Fafard

    2. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Voltage Drop in Anode Assemblies (pages 1347–1352)

      Ebrahim Jeddi, Daniel Marceau, Laszlo I. Kiss, Lyne St-Georges, Denis Laroche and Lyès Hacini

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