Children's Respiratory Nursing

Children's Respiratory Nursing

Editor(s): Janice Mighten

Published Online: 5 APR 2013 02:22AM EST

Print ISBN: 9781405197755

Online ISBN: 9781118702680

DOI: 10.1002/9781118702680

About this Book

Children's Respiratory Nursing is a comprehensive, patient-centred text providing up-to-date information about the contemporary management of children with respiratory conditions. It looks at acute and chronic respiratory conditions in both primary and secondary health care sectors and explores the subject from a child- and family-focused perspective.

Children's Respiratory Nursing
is divided into four user-friendly sections:

  • The first section provides a general background for children's respiratory nursing
  • Section two explores the various investigations that aid diagnosis and treatment, such as assessment of defects in airflow and lung volume, oxygen therapy, and long term ventilation
  • Section three looks at respiratory infection and provides an overview of the common infections in children with reference to national and local guidelines
  • The final section considers the practical issues that impact on children's nurses - the transition from children to adult services, legal and ethical issues and the professional communication skills needed for dealing with children and their families

This practical text is essential reading for all children's nurses who have a special interest in respiratory conditions and would like to develop a greater level of understanding of the management required.

Special Features

  • Examples of good practice provided throughout
  • Includes evidence-based case studies
  • Explores care in both hospital and community settings
  • A strong practical approach throughout

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: The Fundamental Principles of Respiratory Nursing

  2. Part 2: Respiratory Investigations and Assessments

    1. Chapter 4

      Investigations (pages 25–40)

      Alan R. Smyth, Conrad Bosman and Janice Mighten

  3. Part 3: Respiratory Conditions

  4. Part 4: Practical Elements and Governance Issues

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