Adult Orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics

Editor(s): Birte Melsen

Print ISBN: 9781405136198

Online ISBN: 9781118702925

DOI: 10.1002/9781118702925


"This text will be of interest to both the newly qualified orthodontist, beginning to treat adult patients, and the more experienced clinician interested in the evidence base behind treatment philosophies for adults."  (European Journal of Orthodontics, 1 October 2013)

"In summary, this is a comprehensive and advanced insight into adult ortho­dontics and one that would be clini­cally relevant for any specialist who is involved in the assessment and manage­ment of complex adult orthodontic cases."  (British Dental Journal, 28 September 2013)

"The book should be required reading for every postgraduate orthodontic residency program. In addition, any orthodontist treating adults needs to have this text on hand as an important resource, and any other dental specialist participating in the multidisciplinary treatment of adult cases should read it. I have no doubt that this volume will instill greater confidence among orthodontists and their colleagues when approaching the treatment of adults. We all have been waiting for such a text."  (Journal of Clinical Orthodontics, 1 September 2012)