GI Epidemiology: Diseases and Clinical Methodology, Second Edition

GI Epidemiology: Diseases and Clinical Methodology, Second Edition

Editor(s): Nicholas J. Talley, G. Richard Locke, Paul Moayyedi, Joe West, Alexander C. Ford, Yuri A. Saito

Published Online: 10 JAN 2014 09:52PM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470672570

Online ISBN: 9781118727072

DOI: 10.1002/9781118727072

About this Book

Identifying how, why and in whom gastrointestinal disease occurs, and what can be done to prevent it, is of key importance for the modern-day gastroenterologist and researcher.

Brought to you by the world's leading gastroenterologists, the second edition of GI Epidemiology: Diseases and Clinical Methodology is the only book that combines detailed analysis of the epidemiology of GI disease with a study of the methodology of clinical research.

With a much greater clinical focus on the diagnostic and management approach for each disease than
before, all existing chapters are fully updated with the very latest in statistical and clinical data. In addition, the revised edition contains several significant improvements, notably:

• Five extra disease epidemiology chapters: Upper GI Bleeding; Hepatitis B and C; Common Tropical GI
Diseases; Nutritional Epidemiology and GI Cancers; and Obesity among Adults

• More illustrations, including maps of each disease

• A more international focus with the inclusion of two experienced European editors

• MCQs, summary checklists and key points throughout

• Ten extra online-only chapters on methodological issues related to GI epidemiology such as Patient reported

GI Epidemiology: Diseases and Clinical Methodology, 2nd Edition is the perfect reference tool for gastroenterologists involved in both patient management and clinical research, and also for epidemiologists involved specifically in GI disease data and more general epidemiological studies.

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Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Gastrointestinal Diseases and Disorders: The Public Health Perspective

  2. Part II: How to Critically Read the Gastrointestinal Epidemiology Literature

  3. Part III: How to do Clinical Research in GI

    1. Chapter 9

      How to Find and Apply Large Databases for Epidemiologic Research (pages 83–97)

      Jonas F. Ludvigsson, Joe West, Jessica A. Davila, Timothy R. Card and Hashem B. El-Serag

  4. Part IV: Epidemiology of Major GI Diseases

    1. Chapter 17

      Epidemiology of Celiac Disease (pages 185–195)

      Alberto Rubio-Tapia, Jonas F. Ludvigsson and Joseph A. Murray

    2. Chapter 19

      Epidemiology of Colorectal Carcinoma (pages 213–221)

      Harminder Singh, Joselito M. Montalban and Salaheddin Mahmud

    3. Chapter 27

      Epidemiology of Pancreatitis (pages 306–312)

      Dhiraj Yadav, Santhi Swaroop Vege and Suresh T. Chari

    4. Chapter 35

      The Epidemiology of Obesity among Adults (pages 394–404)

      Cynthia L. Ogden, Brian K. Kit, Tala H.I. Fakhouri, Margaret D. Carroll and Katherine M. Flegal

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