Geriatric Neurology

Geriatric Neurology

Editor(s): Anil K. Nair, Marwan N. Sabbagh

Published Online: 28 MAR 2014 08:36PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118730683

Online ISBN: 9781118730676

DOI: 10.1002/9781118730676

About this Book

Aging affects neurological function leading to neurological disease

As society grows older, so do the neurological problems associated with aging. These can be new neurological deficits due to the aging process itself, or the effect of aging on already existing neurological conditions. Neurologists will spend increasing amounts of time managing patients with age-related neurological complications.

Geriatric Neurology brings together the wisdom of world-leading experts. They have crafted a new textbook to define this emerging subspecialty from basic science through clinical assessment and medical management to social aspects of patient care. Geriatric Neurology covers:

  • The aging brain in neurology
  • Assessment of the geriatric neurology patient
  • Neurological conditions in the elderly
  • Therapeutics for the geriatric neurology patient
  • Management issues beyond therapeutics

Comprehensive in scope but with practical focus for effective patient care, Geriatric Neurology provides top-of-class guidance for the management of elderly patients with neurological disorders.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: The Aging Brain in Neurology

  2. Part II: Assessment of the Geriatric Neurology Patient

    1. Chapter 4

      Assessment of Cognitive Status in Geriatric Neurology (pages 85–117)

      Papan Thaipisuttikul, James E. Galvin, Donald J. Connor and Marc A. Norman

    2. Chapter 7

      Imaging of the Geriatric Brain (pages 136–169)

      Liana G. Apostolova, Adam S. Fleisher, Alexander Drzezga, Anil K. Nair and Marwan N. Sabbagh

  3. Part III: Neurologic Conditions in the Elderly

    1. Chapter 9

      Cognitive Impairment and the Dementias (pages 181–286)

      Ranjan Duara, Miriam Jocelyn Rodriguez, David A. Loewenstein, Martin R. Farlow, Clive Ballard, Helena C. Chui, Freddi Segal-Gidan, David Perry, Howard Rosen, Maya L. Henry, Stephen M. Wilson, Steven Z. Rapcsak, Michael D. Geschwind, Katherine Wong and Norman R. Relkin

    2. Chapter 12

      Movement Disorders (pages 313–346)

      Robert Fekete, Joseph Jankovic, Holly Shill, Virgilio Gerald H. Evidente and Katrina Gwinn

    3. Chapter 19

      Delirium (pages 478–485)

      Alan Lerner, Stefani Parrisbalogun and Joseph Locala

  4. Part IV: Therapeutics for the Geriatric Neurology Patient

    1. Chapter 23

      Treatment of Dementia (pages 556–585)

      Jasmeet Singh, Marwan N. Sabbagh, Anil K. Nair, Michael Grundman, Gene G. Kinney, Eric Yuen and Ronald Black

    2. Chapter 26

      Expressive Art Therapies in Geriatric Neurology (pages 630–643)

      Daniel C. Potts, Bruce L. Miller, Carol A. Prickett, Andrea M. Cevasco and Angel C. Duncan

  5. Part V: Important Management Issues Beyond Therapeutics in the Geriatric Neurology Patient

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