The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching

Online ISBN: 9781118784235

DOI: 10.1002/9781118784235

Editor(s): John I. Liontas (Editor-in-Chief), Margo DelliCarpini (Project Editor), Shahid Abrar-ul-Hassan, Neil J Anderson, Diane D. Belcher, Christel Broady, MaryAnn Christison, Christine Coombe, Alan Hirvela, Guangwei Hu, Greg Kessler, Hossein Nassaji, Shondel Nero, Gloria Park, Willy A. Renandya, Kate Mastruserio Reynolds, Spencer Salas, Ali Fuad Selvi, Ali Shehadeh (Associate Editors)

About this Book

Published Online January 2018

The definitive reference in the field of English language teaching

The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching explores the theoretical and practical aspects of English language instruction by providing an essential, go-to reference resource for educators, professionals, researchers, and students world-wide. Over 750 entries written by leading practitioners and scholars from around the globe reflect the collaborative efforts of a truly international team of editors and advisory board members.

The Encyclopedia is arranged thematically and entries are ordered A-Z within each of these themes. Fourteen key topic areas are covered:

  • Approaches & Methods in English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Non-Native English-speaking Teachers (NNESTs)
  • Organizational & Administrative Issues
  • Sociocultural Aspects of English Language Teaching
  • Teacher Training & Professional Development
  • Teaching & Technology
  • Teaching English as an International Language
  • Teaching Grammar
  • Teaching Listening
  • Teaching Reading
  • Teaching Speaking & Pronunciation
  • Teaching Vocabulary
  • Teaching Writing

Each entry is organized into three sections: “Framing the Issue,” “Making the Case,” and “Pedagogical Implications,” in which the Author presents proven applications and recommendations that may be immediately employed.

Unparalleled in scope, The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching is an indispensable professional resource for all ELT/ESL practitioners everywhere.

Read 16 Free Entries

Enjoy 16 free entries as chosen by Editor-in-Chief, John I. Liontas

Age in Learning and Teaching Grammar - Robert M. DeKeyser
Communicative Competence - Sandra J. Savignon
Discourse Analysis for the Second Language Writing Classroom - Brian Paltridge
Diversity in the Classroom - Dilin Liu, Robert Nelson
Intentional Versus Incidental Learning - Frank Boers
Interaction in L2 Classrooms - Michael H. Long
Negative Versus Positive Transfer - Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig, Rex A. Sprouse
Online Professional Development - Andy Curtis
Portfolios - Andy Curtis
Social Media in the Writing Classroom and Beyond - Binbin Zheng, Soobin Yim, Mark Warschauer
Teaching Location in Time and Other Metaphorical Senses - Dilin Liu, Lei Lei
Teaching Speaking in Integrated Skills Classes - Eli Hinkel
Technology and Professional Development - Philip Hubbard
The Long View - Soobin Yim, Dana Saito-Stehberger, Mark Warschauer
Vocabulary Levels Test - Benjamin Kremmel, Norbert Schmitt
Writing for Engagement - Adrian J. Wurr

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The TESOL Encyclopedia of English Language Teaching