The International Handbooks of Museum Studies

Online ISBN: 9781118829059

DOI: 10.1002/9781118829059

About this Book

Welcome to the homepage for The International Handbooks of Museum Studies. The full resource will be publishing in print and online in January 2015. Until then, please browse our sample entries and consider recommending the handbooks to your librarian.

This multi-volume reference work provides a state-of-the-art survey of the burgeoning field of museum studies. Showcasing the best of theory, practice, history, controversies, and the ways technology impacts the way we view, think about, and institultionalize objects, The International Handbooks of Museum Studies will be the definitive reference for anyone - student, scholar, librarian - working in museum studies and the allied fields of art history, anthropology, and American studies.

  • The first comprehensive reference of its kind in the field
  • Investigates with exceptional breadth and depth issues in museum theory, museum history, mediations in art, design, and architecture, museum practice, and the transformations and challenges confronting the museum as an institution and the museum community as a whole
  • Each volume contains a treasure trove of examples and case studies written by scholars from around the world