Managing Technology-Based Projects

Managing Technology-Based Projects

Editor(s): Hans J. Thamhain

Published Online: 4 APR 2014 09:14PM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470402542

Online ISBN: 9781118849958

DOI: 10.1002/9781118849958

About this Book


Used effectively, project management can increase a firm's market share, product quality, and customer satisfaction. Though technology-based companies place themselves at a competitive disadvantage if they neglect this strategic tool, many overlook project management's benefits because they see themselves as continuously adapting organizations. In reality, this role makes project management even more vital.

Managing Technology-Based Projects imparts the latest approaches and tools essential to lead a successful technology-based project. It outlines the practical integration of project management with four key areas: strategic alignment of projects within the enterprise, the project management process and its organizational support system, invaluable tools and techniques, and the individual and group leadership within a project's organization. Complete with examples of industrial applications, the book includes:

  • Methods for defining key performance indicators and assessing project management process effectiveness
  • Suggestions for fine-tuning and continuous improvement
  • Practical case scenarios, discussion topics, end-of-chapter reviews, and exercises
  • Attention to project management as it applies to a globalized business

No one in a managerial role should be without Thamhain's expert advice. This guidebook is your road map to successfully incorporating enterprise project management into technology-based work.

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