Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment

Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment

Author(s): Sushil K. Khetan

Published Online: 23 MAY 2014 08:35PM EST

Print ISBN: 9781118852934

Online ISBN: 9781118891094

DOI: 10.1002/9781118891094

About this Book

A concise and engaging overview of endocrine disruption phenomena that brings complex concepts within the reach of non-specialists

For most of the last decade, the science of endocrine disruption has evolved with more definitive evidence of its damaging potential to health and environment. This book lists the major environmental chemicals of concern and their mechanism of endocrine disruption including remedial measures for them.

Divided into three parts, Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment begins with an overview of the endocrine system and endocrine disruptors, discussing their salient features and presenting a historical perspective of endocrine disruption phenomena. It then goes on to cover hormone-signaling mechanisms, followed by various broad classes of putative endocrine disruptors, before introducing readers to environmental epigenetic modifications. Part two of the book focuses on removal processes of various EDCs by biotic and abiotic transformation/degradation. The last section consists of four chapters embracing themes on finding solutions to environmental EDCs-including their detection, regulation, replacement, and remediation.

Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment is the first book to detail the endocrine effects of several known environmental contaminants and their mechanism of endocrine disruption. Additionally, it:

  • Covers both the chemistry and biology of endocrine disruption and compiles almost all the known endocrine disrupting environmental chemicals and their mechanisms of toxicity
  • Addresses policy and regulatory issues relevant to EDCs including scientific uncertainty and precautionary policy
  • Brings forth the use of Green Chemistry principles in avoiding endocrine disruption in the designing and screening for safer chemicals and remediation of the EDCs in aquatic environment
  • Includes a useful glossary of technical terms, a list of acronyms, topical references, and a subject index

Endocrine Disruptors in the Environment is an ideal book for environmental chemists and endocrine toxicologists, developmental biologists, endocrinologists, epidemiologists, environmental health scientists and advocates, and regulatory officials tasked with risk assessment in environment and health areas.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Mechanisms of Hormonal Action and Putative Endocrine Disruptors

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  2. Part II: Removal Mechanisms of EDC through Biotic and Abiotic Processes

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  3. Part III: Screening and Testing for Potential EDC, Implications for Water Quality Sustainability, Policy and Regulatory Issues, and Green Chemistry Principles in the Design of Safe Chemicals and Remediation of EDC

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