Mobile Backhaul

Mobile Backhaul

Editor(s): Esa Metsälä, Juha Salmelin

Published Online: 17 APR 2012

Print ISBN: 9781119974208

Online ISBN: 9781119941019

DOI: 10.1002/9781119941019

About this Book

Comprehensive coverage of IP/MPLS/Ethernet backhaul technologies and solutions for 3GPP mobile network systems such as LTE, HSPA and GPRS

Focusing on backhaul from a radio network viewpoint, Mobile Backhaul combines perspectives on mobile networks and transport network technologies, focusing on mobile backhaul specific functionalities, which are essential in building modern cost efficient packet networks for mobile systems, IP, MPLS and Carrier Ethernet. The key functions required for this process, Synchronization, Resiliency, Quality of Service and Security, are also explained. The reader benefits from a view of networking technology from a radio network viewpoint, which is specific to this application, as well from a data centre and more IT-oriented perspective. The book bridges the gap between radio and backhaul viewpoints to provide a holistic understanding.

Organized into two parts, the book gives an advanced introduction to the principles of the topic before moving on to more specialized areas. Part 1 gives a network level overview, with the purpose of presenting the mobile network application, its protocols, interfaces and characteristics for the backhaul. This section also presents the key packet networking technologies that are most relevant for the radio network. Part 2 offers selected case studies in Synchronization, Resiliency, QoS and Security and gives example solutions for mobile operator owned and leased mobile backhaul cases building on the network view given in Part 1.

Both radio network experts and IP networking experts will benefit from the treatment of essential material at the borderline between the radio and backhaul technologies.

Key features:

  • Unique view and coverage of both the radio network and the packet mobile backhaul
  • Includes a view into the economic motivation for a packet based mobile backhaul and discusses scenarios of a migration to the new technology
  • Covers 2G, 3G, HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE in radio technologies as well as MWR, Sonet/SDH, Ethernet, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS and IP in networking technologies

Table of contents

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    1. Chapter 1

      Introduction (pages 1–4)

      Esa Metsälä, Juha Salmelin and Erik Salo

  1. Part I: Mobile and Packet Networks

  2. Part II: Mobile Backhaul Functionality

    1. Chapter 8

      QoS (pages 250–302)

      Thomas Deiß, Jouko Kapanen, Esa Metsälä and Csaba Vulkán

    2. Chapter 9

      Security (pages 303–345)

      Esa Metsälä and José Manuel Tapia Pérez

    3. Chapter 11

      Summary (pages 370–372)

      Esa Metsälä and Juha Salmelin

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