Effectors in Plant-Microbe Interactions

Effectors in Plant-Microbe Interactions

Editor(s): Francis Martin, Sophien Kamoun

Published Online: 2 NOV 2011 08:11AM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470958223

Online ISBN: 9781119949138

DOI: 10.1002/9781119949138

About this Book

A controversial look at the impending Chinese economic collapse-the history behind it, its contemporary causes, and its dire implications for the global economy

All the experts agree: the 21st century belongs to China. Given America's looming insolvency and the possibility of the collapse of the U.S. dollar, who can doubt that China is poised to take over the role of economic superpower? Written by political economist and leading financial journalist James Gorrie, this book offers a highly controversial, contrarian view of contemporary China. Drawing upon a wealth of historical and up-to-the-minute data, Gorrie makes a strong case that China, itself, is on the verge of an economic crisis of epic proportions. He explains how, caught in a recurrent boom/bust cycle that has played itself out several times over the past sixty years, China is again approaching total economic and social collapse. But with one important difference this time: they may very well take the entire global economy down with them.

  • Explores the Chinese communist party's unfortunate history of making costly and very bloody mistakes on an enormous scale
  • One-by-one Gorrie analyzes those critical mistakes and explains how they may lead to economic collapse in China and global depression
  • Describes Chinese "cannibal capitalism," and where its massive abuse of the country's environment, people, and arable lands is leading that country and the world economy
  • Chronicles China's history of recurring economic crisis and explains why all the evidence suggests that history is about to repeat itself

Table of contents

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  1. Section 1: Plant Immune Response Pathways

  2. Section 2: Genome-Wide Analyses of Microbial Effectors and Effector Evolution

    1. Chapter 4

      The Effectors of Smut Fungi (pages 77–99)

      Gunther Doehlemann, Kerstin Schipper and Regine Kahmann

    2. Chapter 5

      Evolutionary and Functional Dynamics of Oomycete Effector Genes (pages 101–120)

      Mireille van Damme, Liliana M. Cano, Ricardo Oliva, Sebastian Schornack, María Eugenia Segretin, Sophien Kamoun and Sylvain Raffaele

  3. Section 3: Microbial Effector Functions: Virulence and Avirulence

    1. Chapter 7

      Rust Effectors (pages 155–193)

      Sébastien Duplessis, David L. Joly and Peter N. Dodds

  4. Section 4: Effector Trafficking: Processing/Uptake by Plants and Secretion/Delivery by Microbes

  5. Section 5: Emerging Effectors—Symbionts, Nematodes, Insects, Metabolites

    1. Chapter 13

      Nematode Effector Proteins: Targets and Functions in Plant Parasitism (pages 327–354)

      Marie-Noëlle Rosso, Richard S. Hussey, Eric L. Davis, Geert Smant, Thomas J. Baum, Pierre Abad and Melissa G. Mitchum

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