Encyclopedia of Radicals in Chemistry, Biology and Materials

Encyclopedia of Radicals in Chemistry, Biology and Materials

Online ISBN: 9781119953678

DOI: 10.1002/9781119953678

Editor(s): Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu and Armido Studer

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  1. Organic Electron Donors
  2. Lipid Peroxidation
  3. Basic Concepts and Methodologies
    1. The History of Free Radical Chemistry
    2. Overview of Radical Initiation
    3. Basic Concepts on Radical Chain Reactions
    4. Thermochemistry and Hydrogen Transfer Kinetics
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      Radical Kinetics and Clocks
    6. Radical Rearrangements: Ester-Substituted Radicals and Hydrogen Atom Migrations
    7. Analysis of Radicals by EPR
    8. Structures and Reactivity of Radicals Followed by Magnetic Resonance
    9. Matrix Isolation of Radicals
    10. Supramolecular Radical Chemistry
    11. Redox Properties of Radicals
    12. Photo Induced Radical Reactions
    13. Radical Cation/Anion and Neutral Radicals: A Comparison
    14. The SRN1 Reaction
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      Photoinduced Reactions of Radical Ions via Charge Separation
    16. Radiation-Induced Radical Reactions
    17. Free Radical Chemistry in Room-Temperature Ionic Liquids
    18. Radical Stability—Thermochemical Aspects
    19. Radical Chemistry in the Gas Phase
    20. Atmospheric Radical Chemistry
  4. Synthetic Strategies and Applications
    1. Tin Hydrides and Functional Group Transformations
    2. Silanes as Reducing Reagents in Radical Chemistry
    3. Boron in Radical Chemistry
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      Intramolecular Homolytic Substitutions in Synthesis
    5. Stereoselective Radical Reactions
    6. Unusual Cyclizations
    7. Radical Cascade Reactions
    8. Main-Group Elements in Radical Chemistry
    9. Organic Synthesis Using Samarium Diiodide
    10. Manganese(III) Acetate, CAN, and Fe(III) Salts in Oxidative Radical Chemistry
    11. Halogen and Chalcogen Transfer Chemistry
    12. Xanthates and Related Derivatives as Radical Precursors
    13. Epoxides in Titanocene-Mediated and -Catalyzed Radical Reactions
    14. Transition Metals and Radicals
    15. Unusual Radical Acceptors
    16. Radical Arylations
    17. Nitroxides in Synthetic Radical Chemistry
    18. Radicals and Carbohydrates
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      Electrochemically Initiated Radical Reactions
    20. Synthetic Radical Photochemistry
    21. Radical Chemistry by Using Flow Microreactor Technology
  5. Chemical Biology
    1. Biological Chemistry of Reactive Oxygen Species
    2. Reactions of Small Reactive Species with DNA
    3. Oxidatively Generated Nucleobase Modifications in Isolated and Cellular DNA
    4. Oxidatively Formed Sugar Radicals in Nucleic Acids
    5. Understanding DNA Radicals Employing Theory and Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy
    6. Charge Transfer in DNA
    7. Oxidative Damage to Proteins
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      Radical-Based Damage of Sulfur-Containing Amino Acid Residues
    9. Electron Transfer in Peptides and Proteins
    10. Radical Enzymes
    11. Theoretical Studies of Radical Enzymes
    12. Lipid Isomerization
    13. Antioxidants in Chemistry and Biology
    14. Free Radicals and Metabolic Disorders
  6. Polymers and Materials
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      Radical Polymerization in Industry
    2. Kinetics of Polymerizations
    3. Fundamentals of Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization
    4. Nitroxide-Mediated Polymerization and its Applications
    5. Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (ATRP) and Addition (ATRA) and Applications
    6. Reversible Addition Fragmentation Chain Transfer (RAFT) Polymerization: Mechanism, Process and Applications
    7. Sb, Bi, Te, and I-Transfer Polymerization and Applications
    8. Spin Labels and Spin Probes
    9. Radical Thiol–X Click Chemistry
    10. Conducting Polymers: Applications in Electronics and Photovoltaics
    11. Silicon Radical Surface Chemistry
    12. Persistent and Stable Silyl Radicals
    13. Physical Properties of Thiazyl Radicals Toward Conductive and Magnetic Materials
    14. Polyradicals in Batteries
    15. Radical Chemistry on Fullerenes
    16. A Paradigm for the Radical-Mediated Photochemical Synthesis of Metal Nanostructures