Clinical Dilemmas in Primary Liver Cancer

Clinical Dilemmas in Primary Liver Cancer

Editor(s): Roger Williams, Simon D. Taylor-Robinson

Published Online: 29 NOV 2011 11:47AM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470657973

Online ISBN: 9781119962205

DOI: 10.1002/9781119962205

About this Book

Clinical Dilemmas in Liver Cancer follows the successful format of the other books in the Clinical Dilemmas series, with each chapter focused on a specific dilemma, or issue facing doctors in their day-to-day job, and providing them with practical clinical information and help to better assessment and treat their patients - in this case patients suffering from liver cancer, the third commonest cancer in terms of mortality worldwide.

Chapters feature up-to-date information on the basic mechanisms, epidemiological risk factors, screening and surveillance strategies, diagnosis and treatment. It is an extremely practical and clinically-orientated book, and as most patients around the world present with advanced disease, a main focus is on the most recent advances allowing early diagnosis and use of locoregional and systemic therapy, surgery, transplantation and combination therapies. Each chapter is authored by an international expert in the relevant area.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Learning from a Worldwide Perspective

    1. Chapter 4

      The view from the United Kingdom (pages 24–28)

      Shahid A. Khan, Mireille B. Toledano, Abigail Zabron, Mehtan Ahmed and Simon D. Taylor-Robinson

  2. Part 2: Influence of Tumour Characteristics

  3. Part 3: Complexities of Patient Assessment and Scoring Systems

  4. Part 4: Choice of Radiological Diagnostic Technique

    1. Chapter 17

      Value of PET Scanning (pages 118–123)

      Tara D. Barwick, Imene Zerizer and Adil Al-Nahhas

  5. Part 5: Can Treatment be Tailored to the Patient?

    1. Chapter 23

      When to Consider Surgery? (pages 160–167)

      Emmanuel Melloul, Mickaël Lesurtel and Pierre-Alain Clavien

  6. Part 6: What does the Future Hold?

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