Lead-Free Solders: Materials Reliability for Electronics

Lead-Free Solders: Materials Reliability for Electronics

Editor(s): K. N. Subramanian

Published Online: 15 MAR 2012

Print ISBN: 9780470971826

Online ISBN: 9781119966203

DOI: 10.1002/9781119966203

Series Editor(s): Arthur Willoughby, Peter Capper, Safa Kasap

About this Book

Providing a viable alternative to lead-based solders is a major research thrust for the electrical and electronics industries - whilst mechanically compliant lead-based solders have been widely used in the electronic interconnects, the risks to human health and to the environment are too great to allow continued widescale usage. Lead-free Solders: Materials Reliability for Electronics chronicles the search for reliable drop-in lead-free alternatives and covers:

  • Phase diagrams and alloy development
  • Effect of minor alloying additions
  • Composite approaches including nanoscale reinforcements
  • Mechanical issues affecting reliability
  • Reliability under impact loading
  • Thermomechanical fatigue
  • Chemical issues affecting reliability
  • Whisker growth
  • Electromigration
  • Thermomigration

Presenting a comprehensive understanding of the current state of lead-free electronic interconnects research, this book approaches the ongoing research from fundamental, applied and manufacturing perspectives to provide a balanced view of the progress made and the requirements which still have to be met.

Table of contents

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  1. Thematic Area I: Introduction

  2. Thematic Area II: Phase Diagrams and Alloying Concepts

    1. Chapter 3

      Phase Diagrams and Alloy Development (pages 45–70)

      Alan Dinsdale, Andy Watson, Ales Kroupa, Jan Vrestal, Adela Zemanova and Pavel Broz

  3. Thematic Area III: Microalloying to Improve Reliability

  4. Thematic Area IV: Chemical Issues Affecting Reliability

  5. Thematic Area V: Mechanical Issues Affecting Reliability

  6. Thematic Area VI: Whisker Growth Issues Affecting Reliability

  7. Thematic Area VII: Electromigration Issues Affecting Reliability

    1. Chapter 15

      Electromigration in Pb-Free Solder Joints in Electronic Packaging (pages 375–399)

      Chih Chen, Shih-Wei Liang, Yuan-Wei Chang, Hsiang-Yao Hsiao, Jung Kyu Han and K. N. Tu

  8. Thematic Area VIII: Thermomigration Issues Affecting Reliability

  9. Thematic Area IX: Miniaturization Issues Affecting Reliability

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