Computational Mechanics of Discontinua

Computational Mechanics of Discontinua

Author(s): Antonio A. Munjiza, Earl E. Knight, Esteban Rougier

Published Online: 7 OCT 2011 08:40AM EST

Print ISBN: 9780470970805

Online ISBN: 9781119971160

DOI: 10.1002/9781119971160

About this Book

Mechanics of Discontinua is the first book to comprehensively tackle both the theory ofthis rapidly developing topic and the applications that span a broad field of scientific and engineering disciplines, from traditional engineering to physics of particulates, nano-technology and micro-flows. Authored by a leading researcher who has been at the cutting edge of discontinua simulation developments over the last 15 years, the book is organized into four parts: introductory knowledge, solvers, methods and applications. In the first chapter a short revision of Continuum Mechanics together with tensorial calculus is introduced. Also, a short introduction to the finite element method is given. The second part of the book introduces key aspects of the subject. These include a diverse field of applications, together with fundamental theoretical and algorithmic aspects common to all methods of Mechanics of Discontinua. The third part of the book proceeds with the most important computational and simulation methods including Discrete Element Methods, the Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method, Molecular Dynamics Methods, Fracture and Fragmentation solvers and Fluid Coupling. After these the reader is introduced to applications stretching from traditional engineering and industry (such as mining, oil industry, powders) to nanotechnology, medical and science.

Table of contents

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