The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics

Online ISBN: 9781405198431

DOI: 10.1002/9781405198431

Editor(s): Carol A. Chapelle

2014 Online updates

The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics will be regularly updated online to reflect the latest developments in the field. Updates coming this spring include the following new entries:

Levinson's Activity Types and Gramma by Emma Betz

Linguistic Differentiation in All Classrooms by Shelley Fairbairn and Stephaney Jones-Vo

Historical Pragmatics by Dániel Z. Kádár

Knowledge Base of Language Teachers by Magdalena Kubanyiova

Language Policy for Sign Languages by Timothy Reagan

Learner Dictionaries by Jim Ranalli and Ulugbek Nurmukhamedov

Native and Non-Native Teachers of English by Enric Llurda

Placement Testing by Deborah Crusan

Qualitative Research Interviews in Second Language Acquisition by Serena Williams and Julia Menard-Warwick

Repetition in Incidental Vocabulary Learning by Stuart Webb

Transcribing Interactions by Juyoung Song

Variational Pragmatics by Anne Barron

Communicative Grammar and Communicative Competence by Richard Kern and Claire Kramsch

Frontier Words: L1 and L2 Partial Knowledge of Vocabulary by Alla Zareva

Morley, Joan by Sandra Silberstein

Teaching Signed Languages by Wolfgang Mann, Tobias Haug, Simon Kollien, David Quinto-Pozos

Teaching Speaking by Nivja H. de Jong

Grammar in Spoken and Written English by Joanne Scheibman

Assessment for Learning in Theory and Practice in L2 Classrooms by Christian Colby-Kelly