The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics

Online ISBN: 9781405198431

DOI: 10.1002/9781405198431

Editor(s): Carol A. Chapelle


“In her introduction, Chapelle states that she expanded on S. Pit Corder’s principles to guide the selection of topics to be included in the Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. So, in addition to the expected ones about language teaching and learning, the Encyclopedia includes entries on current issues and realities arising from, for example, the pervasiveness of language use in online environments (cyberpragmatics) and the implications of global human and language movement for language policy development (heritage languages, translating and interpreting). When one throws in targeted subtopics such as “Varieties of English in Nigeria” or the 30-plus entries on aspects of conversation analysis, biographies of significant persons who have shaped the field of applied linguistics, and the accessible information provided by an impressive array of editors and contributors who continue to shape it, users of the Encyclopedia will find it a rich research and learning resource.”
- Miriam Conteh-Morgan, Associate Professor and Librarian for Linguistics, The Ohio State University

“It is exciting to see the 10-volume Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics now available to the scholarly community. With over 1100 entries in 3.5 million words, this comprehensive set spans the key developments and ideas in the entire field of applied linguistics. All of contributors are highly-respected researchers, faculty and authorities in their various disciplines.
The availability of this encyclopedia is extremely significant to the academic libraries. The organization, content and depth will accommodate research needs from undergraduates, graduates and sophisticated researchers alike. Scholars in linguistics will find this encyclopedia a necessity in their research.
As linguistics bibliographer, I highly recommend this encyclopedia.”
- Ding Ye, Asia Studies & Linguistics Bibliographer, Lauinger Library, Georgetown University

“The wealth of topics, issues, and perspectives represented in this Encyclopedia is the best testament to date of the tremendous growth of the field of applied linguistics over the last few decades. The entries in this remarkable collection demonstrate how to be open to new theoretical and methodological perspectives while maintaining a commitment to rigorous empirical analysis. If you want to appreciate why language is such a powerful medium in all kinds of social institutions, this Encyclopedia is an excellent place to start.”
- Alessandro Duranti, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and Dean of Social Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles

“Carol A. Chapelle, with her all-star cast of editors, has brought together a remarkably diverse group of scholars to illuminate ‘the range of research on language-related problems that arise in the real-world contexts where languages are learned and used.’ The result is a ten-volume Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics that is breathtaking in its comprehensive coverage of the field, critical engagement with a stunning array of relevant issues, and incorporation of cutting-edge technologies. This is a reference work I will recommend to my colleagues, collaborators, and students and to which I will return again and again as I carry out my work. Kudos to Chapelle and her team!”
Heidi E. Hamilton, Professor and Chair, Department of Linguistics, Georgetown University