The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics

Online ISBN: 9781405198431

DOI: 10.1002/9781405198431

Editor(s): Carol A. Chapelle, Iowa State University, USA

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  1. Analysis of Discourse and interaction
  2. Assessment and Testing
  3. Bilingual and Multilingual Education
  4. Bilingualism and Multilingualism
  5. Biographies
  6. Cognitive Second Language Acquisition
  7. Conversation Analysis
  8. Corpus Linguistics
  9. Critical Discourse Analysis
  10. Culture and Context
  11. Discourse
  12. Forensic Linguistics
  13. Grammar
  14. Language for Specific Purposes
  15. Language Ideology
  16. Language Learning and Teaching
  17. Language Policy and Planning
    1. Academies of the Arabic Language and the Standardization of Arabic
    2. Acquisition Planning
    3. African Union
    4. Bangla Academy
    5. Canada's Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages
    6. Central Institute of Indian Languages
    7. Colonialism and Language Policy and Planning
    8. Council of Europe Language Policy and Planning
    9. Critiques of Language Policy and Planning
    10. Economic Analysis of Language Policy and Planning
    11. English Across South Asia
    12. English in Asian and European Higher Education
    13. Indigenous Languages in the 21st Century
    14. International Law in Language Policy and Planning
    15. Invented Languages in Language Policy and Planning
    16. Language Attitudes in Language Policy and Planning
    17. Language Planning in Religious Observance
    18. Language Planning: Qin Shihuangdi's Contribution
    19. Language Policy and Planning: Kemal Atatürk's Contribution
    20. Language Policy and Planning: Overview
    21. Language Problems as Constructs of Ideology
    22. Language Rights in Language Policy and Planning
    23. Limits of Language Revival
    24. Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie
    25. Phillipson, Robert
    26. Prestige Planning
    27. Quebec Charter of the French Language and Canadian Language Policy
    28. Rational Choice and Cost–Benefit Analyses in Language Planning
    29. Revernacularization and Revitalization of the Hebrew Language
    30. Reviving Irish From Independence to the Good Friday Peace Agreement
    31. Reviving Māori
    32. Role of Deliberation in Language Policy and Planning
    33. Role of Language and Place in Language Policy
    34. Role of Linguistic Human Rights in Language Policy and Planning
    35. Romanization of Vietnamese
    36. Russification in the Soviet Era
    37. Science of Language Policy and Planning
    38. Sejong the Great and the Creation of Hankul
    39. Sociolinguistic Surveys in Language Planning
    40. Status Planning
    41. Terralingua
    42. UNESCO and Language Policy and Planning
    43. Welsh Language Board and Bòrd na Gàidhlig
  18. Lexis
  19. Literacy
  20. Multimodal communication
  21. Phonetics and Phonology
  22. Pragmatics
  23. Qualitative Methods
  24. Quantitative and Mixed Methods
  25. Social, Dynamic, and Complexity Theory Approaches to Second Language Development
  26. Technology and Language
  27. Translation and Interpreting
  28. World Englishes