Living in a Dynamic Tropical Forest Landscape

Living in a Dynamic Tropical Forest Landscape

Editor(s): Nigel E. Stork, Stephen M. Turton

Print ISBN: 9781405156431

Online ISBN: 9781444300321

DOI: 10.1002/9781444300321

Author Biography

About the Author

Nigel Stork is Head of School of Resource Management and Geography and Head of the Burnley Campus at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Formerly the CEO of the Cooperative Research Centre for Tropical Rainforest Ecology and Management and Founder of the Australian Canopy Crane, he has studied tropical forest ecology and insect diversity in many tropical regions of the world with particular interest in the magnitude and decline of global biodiversity.

Stephen Turton is Professor and Executive Director of the Australian Tropical Forest Institute at Cook University in Cairns, Australia. Previously, he was Director of Research for the Rainforest Cooperative Research Centre. His research and teaching interests include tropical climatology, rainforest ecology, urban ecology, recreation ecology and natural resource management.