Rutter's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Fifth Edition

Rutter's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Fifth Edition

Editor(s): Michael Rutter, Dorothy V. M. Bishop, Daniel S. Pine, Stephen Scott, Jim Stevenson, Eric Taylor, Anita Thapar

Published Online: 10 FEB 2009

Print ISBN: 9781405145497

Online ISBN: 9781444300895

DOI: 10.1002/9781444300895

About this Book

Rutter's Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has become an established and accepted textbook of child psychiatry. Now completely revised and updated, the fifth edition provides a coherent appraisal of the current state of the field to help trainee and practising clinicians in their daily work. It is distinctive in being both interdisciplinary and international, in its integration of science and clinical practice, and in its practical discussion of how researchers and practitioners need to think about conflicting or uncertain findings.

This new edition now offers an entirely new section on conceptual approaches, and several new chapters, including:

  • neurochemistry and basic pharmacology
  • brain imaging
  • health economics
  • psychopathology in refugees and asylum seekers
  • bipolar disorder
  • attachment disorders
  • statistical methods for clinicians

This leading textbook provides an accurate and comprehensive account of current knowledge, through the integration of empirical findings with clinical experience and practice, and is essential reading for professionals working in the field of child and adolescent mental health, and clinicians working in general practice and community pediatric settings.

Table of contents

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  1. Part I: Conceptual Approaches

    1. Chapter 7

      Children's Testimony (pages 81–94)

      Maggie Bruck, Stephen Ceci, Sarah Kulkofsky, J. Zoe Klemfuss and Charlotte Sweeney

  2. Part II: Clinical Assessment

  3. Part III: Influences on Psychopathology

    1. Chapter 23

      Genetics (pages 337–358)

      Anita Thapar and Michael Rutter

  4. Part IV: Clinical Syndromes

    1. Chapter 36

      Substance Use and Substance Use Disorder (pages 565–586)

      Andrew C. Heath, Michael T. Lynskey and Mary Waldron

    2. Chapter 41

      Eating Disorders (pages 670–685)

      Christopher G. Fairburn and Simon G. Gowers

    3. Chapter 44

      Tic Disorders (pages 719–736)

      James F. Leckman and Michael H. Bloch

    4. Chapter 47

      Speech and Language Disorders (pages 782–801)

      Dorothy V. M. Bishop and Courtenay Frazier Norbury

    5. Chapter 54

      Sleep Disorders (pages 894–905)

      Ronald E. Dahl and Allison G. Harvey

  5. Part V: Approaches to Treatment

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