Wittgenstein in Cambridge: Letters and Documents 1911-1951

Wittgenstein in Cambridge: Letters and Documents 1911-1951

Editor(s): Brian McGuinness

Print ISBN: 9781405147019

Online ISBN: 9781444301243

DOI: 10.1002/9781444301243


"One could say, this book takes a close look at Wittgenstein's face; and whether or not this will interest anyone, he was nonetheless a human being and so it may have value."  (The Dabbler, 18 May 2012)

"The publication of all this new material is to be welcomed ... .[A] very handsome book, and impeccably edited. In his notes (conveniently placed after each letter and not at the end of the book), the editor gives just the right amount of background and further information to explain references to people and events in the letters." (Times Literary Supplement, March 2010)

"A beautifully produced and immaculately edited volume, [McGuinness] collects together a rich mass of letters and other documents." (London Review of Books, January 2009)

"Primarily a historical and biographical resource. The editor's stated aim is to picture a portion of Wittgenstein's 'pattern of ... life and work' centered on Cambridge. He has ... succeeded." (Notre Dame Reviews, October 2008)