Seafood Ecolabelling: Principles and Practice

Seafood Ecolabelling: Principles and Practice

Editor(s): Trevor Ward, Bruce Phillips

Print ISBN: 9781405162661

Online ISBN: 9781444301380

DOI: 10.1002/9781444301380


"This excellent book shows how the Marine Stewardship Council came about, how it operates, and where it is going. A very useful book for anyone interested in seafood marketing and sustainable fishery fishing practices."
Professional Fisherman, Feb 2004

" 'Eco-labelling in Fisheries' aims to document the experiences to date of those with firsthand knowledge of the eco-labelling programme for fisheries... Early [in] 2005, the FAO's Committee on Fisheries adopted guidelines for 'eco-labelling' of fish caught at sea, indicating how relevant this topic is to fisheries management today.
The book will appeal to all those with an interest in the sustainable management of fish resources… It is well presented and covers eloquently the key issues underlying the process of eco-labelling. The authors offer a wide range of expertise in the topics represented...
One of the greatest successes of the book is the illustration of how things are working in particular case studies and the lessons learnt from these examples."
Journal of Fish Biology, February 2006

"Professionals and students in fisheries science, marine biology, ecology, conservation and environmental biology will find this book to be extremely valuable."