Annual Plant Reviews Volume 34: Molecular Aspects of Plant Disease Resistance

Annual Plant Reviews Volume 34: Molecular Aspects of Plant Disease Resistance

Editor(s): Jane Parker

Published Online: 19 FEB 2009

Print ISBN: 9781405175326

Online ISBN: 9781444301441

DOI: 10.1002/9781444301441

About this Book

Annual Plant Reviews, Volume 34
Molecular Aspects of Plant Disease Resistance
Edited by Jane Parker

In recent years, our understanding of the mechanisms involved in plant resistance to disease has seen major advances. This important new volume in Wiley-Blackwell's Annual Plant Reviews provides cutting edge reviews on major aspects of plant immunity from many of the world's leading researchers in the area. Coverage includes:

• Establishment of disease by microbial pathogens
• Genomic approaches to understanding host-pathogen interactions
• Local and systemic resistance signalling
• Activities of small bioactive molecules
• Plant-insect ecology

This exciting volume is essential reading for all those studying plant-pathogen interactions including plant and agricultural scientists, molecular biologists, geneticists and microbiologists. Libraries in all universities and research establishments where biological and agricultural sciences are studied and taught should have copies of this important volume on their shelves.

About the Editor
Dr Jane Parker is a Group Leader in the Department of Plant-Microbe Interactions at The Max-Planck Institute of Plant Breeding Research, Cologne and Associate Professor at The Institute of Genetics, University of Cologne, Germany.

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Table of contents

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    2. Chapter 4

      Fungal and Oomycete Biotrophy (pages 77–101)

      Dr Mark de Jong and Dr Guido van den Ackerveken

    3. Chapter 5

      Genome Biology Cracks Enigmas of Oomycete Plant Pathogens (pages 102–133)

      Dr Klaas Bouwmeester, Dr Pieter M. J. A. van Poppel and Professor Francine Govers

    4. Chapter 6

      Plant–Virus Interactions: Defence and Counter-Defence (pages 134–176)

      Dr Mathew Lewsey, Professor Peter Palukaitis and Dr John P. Carr

    5. Chapter 9

      Chemical Ecology of Plant–Insect Interactions (pages 261–291)

      Dr Axel Mithöfer, Professor Wilhelm Boland and Professor Massimo E. Maffei

    6. Chapter 11

      Induced Resistance – Orchestrating Defence Mechanisms through Crosstalk and Priming (pages 334–370)

      Dr Sjoerd van der Ent, Dr Annemart Koornneef, Dr Jurriaan Ton and Professor Corné M. J. Pieterse

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