Virtual Futures for Design, Construction & Procurement

Virtual Futures for Design, Construction & Procurement

Editor(s): Peter Brandon, Tuba Kocatürk

Published Online: 2 FEB 2009

Print ISBN: 9781405170246

Online ISBN: 9781444302349

DOI: 10.1002/9781444302349

About this Book

This book brings together some of the best practitioners and thinkers from around the world to discuss the likely future of information and communication technologies for the construction industry.

It addresses a range of innovative developments, state of the art applications, research work and theoretical arguments with regard to the use of virtual technologies in design, construction and procurement. From a future oriented perspective, the book presents what can be expected from the next generation of these technologies.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Challenges

    1. Chapter 3

      VR or PR: Virtual or Physical Reality? (pages 35–46)

      Professor Anthony Thorpe, Dr Richard A. Buswell, Dr Rupert C. Soar and Professor Alistair G. F. Gibb

  2. Part 2: Challenges for Implementation: From Virtual through to Construction

  3. Part 3: Challenges for Visualization and Simulation

    1. Chapter 7

      Planning and Scheduling in a Virtual Prototyping Environment (pages 87–103)

      Professor Andrew Baldwin, Mr C. W. Kong, Mr T. Huang, Mr H. L. Guo, Dr K. D. Wong and Professor Heng Li

  4. Part 4: Challenges for Information and Knowledge Modelling

    1. Chapter 12

      nD Modelling, Present and Future (pages 158–170)

      Professor Ghassan Aouad, Dr Song Wu and Dr Angela Lee

  5. Part 5: Other Challenges: Agent Technologies, Security, Regulations and Management Control

    1. Chapter 18

      Virtual Prototyping of Financial Flows as a Form of Management Control (pages 251–258)

      Professor Richard J. Boland, Professor Fred Collopy, Professor Julia Grant and Professor Lin Zhao

  6. Part 6: Visions, Roadmaps and Future Scenarios

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