Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism: Ethics and Liberal Democracy

Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism: Ethics and Liberal Democracy

Author(s): Seumas Miller

Print ISBN: 9781405139427

Online ISBN: 9781444302837

DOI: 10.1002/9781444302837

Series Editor(s): Michael Boylan


'Seumas Miller has written a first-rate book. It is the only philosophical treatment of the ethics of terrorism that takes counter-terrorism seriously. Building on his extensive work in police ethics, Miller refocuses the debate about terrorism in light of the kind of procedures that police and the military employ to stop it. It greatly contributes to enlarging the growing debates about the appropriate moral response to terrorism.'- Larry May, Washington University in St Louis

'Miller's book is a serious invitation to think again through complex issues, about whether terrorism is ever justifiable, about the "police" versus "war" paradigms of counter-terrorism, and about torture... In general, Miller's mode of argument is pleasingly generous, pointing out difficulties and counter-arguments along the way." The Guardian