Underwater Archaeology: The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice, Second Edition

Underwater Archaeology: The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice, Second Edition

Editor(s): Amanda Bowens

Print ISBN: 9781405175920

Online ISBN: 9781444302875

DOI: 10.1002/9781444302875


"All in all this attractive paperback with 20 chapters and 3 appendices should make a welcome addition not only on the bookshelves of archaeologically minded divers, but most archaeologists too, as it explains many basic archaeological concepts clearly and concisely." (South African Archaeological Bulletin, 2010)

"It is an excellent addition to the NAS training program.... I would expect the text will be picked up by most institutions and non-academic groups involved in the teaching and general practice of maritime archaeology." (SAS Bulletin, November 2009)

"There is much useful stuff here." (British Archaeology, January 2009)

"The text and graphics have been updated, resulting in this long-awaited second edition of what is popularly known as 'The NAS (Nautical Archaeology Society) Handbook'. The second edition includes several new chapters covering topics such as photography, legislation and conservation. Additional chapters reflect significant developments or new approaches, particularly with respect to project planning, safety on archaeological sites, historic research, monitoring and maintenance and geophysics. Each individual component of this book was written by an expert in his/her field." (Ocean News & Technology, November 2008)

"This book will enable readers to make the most of their involvement with the rich underwater heritage that helped shape the world in which we live, and do so in a responsible way." (Institute of Nautical Archaeology Quarterly, Summer 2008)