Atlas of Gastroenterology, Fourth Edition

Atlas of Gastroenterology, Fourth Edition

Editor(s): Tadataka Yamada

Published Online: 4 MAR 2009

Print ISBN: 9781405169097

Online ISBN: 9781444303414

DOI: 10.1002/9781444303414

About this Book

Accurate, high-quality images are especially vital for gastrointestinal therapy.

The Atlas of Gastroenterology is a gold-standard tool that provides specialists with an outstanding array of images covering all facets of the field. With endoscopic ultrasonographs, computed tomography scans, magnetic resonance images, radionuclide images, and angiograms demonstrating every clinical condition from liver abscess, to endocrine neoplasms of the pancreas, to motility disorders of the esophagus, this atlas is simply a must-own resource for all gastroenterologists.

Showing the range of the newest imaging technologies and incorporating over 1700 full-color images, this new edition is an ideal teaching tool, and the perfect companion to the Textbook of Gastroenterology.

Table of contents

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  1. Part 1: Principles of Clinical Gastroenterology

    1. Chapter 9

      Approach to the Patient with Jaundice (pages 92–102)

      Janak N. Shah, Raphael B. Merriman and Marion G. Peters

    2. Chapter 11

      Approach to the Patient with Acute Liver Failure (pages 114–135)

      Ryan M. Taylor, Christopher P. Golembeski and Robert J. Fontana

  2. Part 2: Gastrointestinal Diseases - A: Esophagus

  3. Part 2: Gastrointestinal Diseases - A Esophagus

  4. Part 2: Gastrointestinal Diseases - B: Stomach

    1. Chapter 21

      Disorders of Gastric Emptying (pages 228–236)

      Henry P. Parkman, Frank K. Friedenberg and Robert S. Fisher

    2. Chapter 22

      Peptic ulcer disease (pages 237–250)

      David Y. Graham, Akira Horiuchi and Mototsugu Kato

    3. Chapter 24

      Tumors of the Stomach (pages 261–275)

      Wai K. Leung, Enders K. W. Ng and Joseph J. Y. Sung

  5. Part 2: Gastrointestinal Diseases - C: Small Intestine

    1. Chapter 30

      Chronic Infections of the Small Intestine (pages 318–326)

      George T. Fantry, Lori E. Fantry, Stephen P. James and David H. Alpers

    2. Chapter 33

      Short Bowel Syndrome (pages 340–357)

      Richard N. Fedorak, Leah M. Gramlich and Lana Bistritz

  6. Part 2: Gastrointestinal Diseases - D: Colon

    1. Chapter 37

      Inflammatory Bowel Disease (pages 389–408)

      William F. Stenson, William J. Tremaine and Russell D. Cohen

  7. Part 2: Gastrointestinal Diseases - E: Pancreas

    1. Chapter 44

      Pancreas: Anatomy and Structural Anomalies (pages 508–513)

      David G. Heidt, Michael W. Mulholland and Diane M. Simeone

  8. Part 2: Gastrointestinal Diseases - F: Gallbladder and Biliary Tract

  9. Part 2: Gastrointestinal Diseases - G: Liver

  10. Part 2: Gastrointestinal Diseases - H: Abdominal Cavity

  11. Part 2: Gastrointestinal Diseases - I: Miscellaneous

    1. Chapter 75

      Complications of AIDS and Other Immunodeficiency States (pages 779–786)

      Phillip D. Smith, Nirag C. Jhala, C. Mel Wilcox and Edward N. Janoff

    2. Chapter 78

      Parasitic Diseases: Helminths (pages 803–812)

      Alejandro Busalleu, Martin Montes and A. Clinton White

  12. Part 3: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modalities in Gastroenterology - A: Endoscopic

  13. Part 3: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modalities in Gastroenterology - B: Imaging

    1. Chapter 93

      Plain and Contrast Radiology (pages 965–976)

      Marc S. Levine, Stephen E. Rubesin, Hans Herlinger and Igor Laufer

    2. Chapter 94

      Diagnostic Sonography (pages 977–992)

      Philip W. Ralls, R. Brooke Jeffrey, Robert A. Kane and Michelle L. Robbin

    3. Chapter 96

      Applications of Computed Tomography to the Gastrointestinal Tract (pages 1004–1014)

      Karen M. Horton, Pamela T. Johnson, Elliot K. Fishman and Alec J. Megibow

  14. Part 3: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modalities in Gastroenterology - C: Pathology

  15. Part 3: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Modalities in Gastroenterology - D: Gastrointestinal Function Studies

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